Mike Mendez Don’t Kill It Become The Start of A New Horror Franchise

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Director: Mike Mendez

Writer: Dan Berk, Robert Olsen

Release Date: March 3rd, 2017

Release Format: VOD

MPAA Rating:

Genre: Fantasy, Horror

Running Time: 1h 33min


An ancient demon terrorizes a tiny Mississippi town.



Supernatural themed films, in general have a unique chemistry. Whether its demonic possession, hauntings or vengeful ghosts topics engage at different capacity. There are times these brand of films are serious in tonality. Projections of truth-based narratives serve to grip the viewer’s senses. By using comedic elements the introduction of the paranormal become easy to digest.

Don’t Kill It is the latest entry to supernatural horror genre. The
film also delivers ample servings and action to the cinematic formula.

Don’t Kill It is set to release on the 3rd of March 2017 via Video-on-Demand platforms.

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On-Screen chemistry becomes the greatest asset for the film Don’t Kill It. Dolph Lundgren doesn’t need to say much of his dialogue. His intimidating presence dominates each scene thus delivering what needs saying. Actress Kristina Klebe joins Lundgren, together they make a powerful demon-hunting Duo.

Klebe and Lundgren are comparable to the classic good cop bad cop characteristics. The sarcastic qualities of Lundgren’s character compliment Klebe’s strict demeanor. This is the type of budding chemistry that’s seen many times over and across genres.

Don’t kill It starts off with brutal violence. The opening scene becomes a punch to the throat. For the viewer, the unfolding events may trigger cursed-infused audible reactions. This presentation is most welcome! The sequence is the type of visuals that is lacking in today’s horror cinema. Director Mike Mendez took risks presenting spectacles of carnage, it pays off well.

Critique Rundown



Practical Effects

Viewing Experience


Originality / Redefining

Special Effects

The practical effects presented in the film Don’t Kill It caters a wide spectrum. Many artistic interpretations of violence are evident. For instance, the opening scene delivers cold-hearted murder and brutality.

Other instances find comedic elements taming dismemberment and exploding craniums. Don’t Kill It harbors attention by not submitting to distracting gore rich visuals.

Director Mike Mendez did a good job of providing a visual story. The cinematic execution for Don’t Kill It is remarkable, in fact outstanding. Mendez gives the audience what they want to see.

Each scene is well conceived to provide the greatest effect on narrative delivery. The camera is where it needs to be to convey, capture and interpret Dan Berk, Robert Olsen Wanted’s script.

Cinematographer Jan-Michael Losada did great work crafting the scenes to Don’t Kill It. From a fog bank trekking across a night cast forest to an assembly gone awry. Losada brought unique characteristics to each scene.

The story and characters presented in Don’t Kill It offer a sense of the familiar. The concepts presented within have graced the big and small screen at some point. Yet, Don’t Kill It offers an entertaining viewing. There is plenty of Action, Comedy, and Horror to make Mike Mendez’s latest release an original.

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The downside to Don’t Kill It resides with the CGI effects. The enhancements on explosions, weather control, and other elements appear amateurish. Another negative for the film is the scene featuring a demonic girl on a killing spree. The sequence involving cable work was evident. The illusion of a possessed child leaping into the air defies illusion rather than logic.

The costume design offers a cliché look to the characters.

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In conclusion:

Don’t Kill It has a storyline that mirrors John Carpenter’s 2001 Horror, Scifi. Another comparison is Adam Marcus’ 1993 installment to a certain slasher franchise.
The CGI effects does more harm that good for this indie supernatural feature. Yet, it is the work from the cast, the production and practical effects crew that help elevate Don’t Kill It.

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