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About The Founder:


My name is Ken Artuz, Founder and Senior Editor of DecayMag. I’m a New York City based photographer, writer and most of all a Horror genre connoisseur. Over the years, I earned a degree in Audio Engineering and Record Production. I also obtained Certification in Film Production and Field Recording.

I’ve been an avid horror fan since as long as I can remember. I spend my youth admiring box art at the neighborhood video rental store. Conversations with the attendants would fuel my curiosity on the genre.

At times, my older sibling would usher me to R-rated Horror films. I would also get my dose of horror by watching the latest releases at the movies. It was comical, how I would be the only preschooler in attendance. Movies varied but most were Grindhouse double features. I do recall films such as Zombie Holocaust, I Spit on your Grave and Terrorvision. Did I mention, I would be squirming in my seat?

The following is an overview of my personal endeavor, my passion, DecayMag.com. I created DecayMag.com to not only to offer news, and media content. The platform also aids in the promotion of independently developed projects. The information below reflects the history, goals and mission statement to DecayMag.com

Decay Magazine via Flipboard Mobile App.
The Beginnings on Flipboard


The use of social media platforms is a powerful networking tool for DecayMag. The popularity in Horror, Thriller, and SciFi community comes new ambitions for content. We’ve secured interviews with industry talent within various fields of indie and major productions.

Profiled in 2015 were up and coming artists, and actors. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many rising stars within the local community. Furthermore, we’ve set new goals and ambitions for the upcoming year. In the forecast are projects that will enable us to deliver news in both podcasts and YouTube mediums.[/vc_column_text][/vc_tta_section]


Decay Magazine originated as a hobby on April 2014. The purpose was to provide news sources covering Horror, Thriller and Sci-Fi genres. Curated news articles had issued daily utilizing mobile/web app Flipboard.

The growth in popularity was phenomenal on Flipboard. Over the course of a year, thousands of followers and subscribers had garnered. This success was just the beginning. Yet, Decay Magazine would transform from leisure pass-time to dedicated news platform.

It became clear that managing a curated news source was both impersonal and robotic. The idea was spontaneous. A domain name got purchased and a theme created. In a blink of an eye, DecayMag.com was immediately off and running!

The mission was to create a platform that covered Horror, Thriller Sci-Fi. Of course, this includes all sub-genres. Although a presence continues on Flipboard, regurgitating pre-released content is not the agenda. Abandoned was the notion of providing quantity over quality.

Decay Magazine Flipboard Cover
The Golden Years (We’re Not Decay Magazine!)


By September 2015, Decay Magazine was re-branded to DecayMag, a dedicated online horror source for horror enthusiasts. The blueprint for DecayMag is to offer quality daily news coverage. The aim is to foster awareness on indie horror projects. Also, the site is a platform to promote aspiring horror content creators.

Although Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi news sites are a plenty. Many don’t offer a continued focus on the independent circuit. DecayMag strives to set itself apart. The site will offer itself as a promotional platform that encompasses indie developed mediums. We feature articles on crowdfunding campaigns and indie film/short film analysis. This is beside presenting the latest press release coverage and much more.
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We hope to expand our team of content contributors. We welcome new writers looking to grow with us. Extra staff will allow us to broaden our coverage of the Horror, Thriller, and Sci-Fi genres.

DecayMag is a dedicated team of writers and content contributors. They are Enid Artuz, Stacy Cox and Kyle Seemungal. Our writers are as passionate as I am. Each shares a common goal towards the development and growth of DecayMag. Their contribution, time and resources are on a volunteer basis. I’m thankful for the support, dedication, and professionalism of our current team of writers.

-Ken Artuz, DecayMag Founder, Editor


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Ken Artuz, Founder

I created DecayMag because of a driven passion for the genre. The many hats I wear to manage this platform turned a hobby into a time dedicated engine. Am loving every minute of it. Running DecayMag combines my three passions; creativity, writing, and Horror. From a creativity standpoint, I enjoy thinking big. I pride myself on providing newsworthy content. Across each article, podcast, and YouTube video we infuse our time and dedication.

DECAYMAG will STAND AS AN INDUSTRY NEWS LEADER IN HORROR, Dominating All Aspects of Media. Leading our DEDICATED TEAM this GOAL is Reality.

Ken Artuz is Co-Owner of Meca Ex Studios LLC. Artuz is a New York City Based Photographer with proficiency in Photoshop. His digital artwork was featured in exhibitions SOHO, NYC, twice.

Artuz is a graduate of The Institute of Audio Research where he earned his degree in Audio Engineering and Record Production. He also earned certification in Television Production and Field Recording at Lehman College. For Horror Artuz Favors French Extremism and Indie productions. He is a novelist, and screenwriter listens to EBM, Industrial & Witch house and is an avid MMA sports fan.

Ken Artuz will create a media empire built on the DecayMag Brand.

 Enid Artuz, Co-Founder

enjoy working towards the development of DecayMag. The platform helped me refine my skills in as a journalist and interviewer. Going from watching a horror film to now covering the entertainment field is amazing. My time divides between my work, life and DecayMag.

It’s an honor to share our accomplishments as a magazine to our friends and family. To share engaging content with the world is a responsibility we take seriously.


Stacy Cox, Staff Correspondent


have learned to think outside the box. There is the world full of opportunities. Voices full of wisdom. Minds full of imagination. I’d like to believe that people who read my works are reading with an open mind. It’s not an egotistical thing. It pains me to see people not using their minds to their fullest potential. I believe that when I tap into my mind and unlock its full potential, it will see a whole new world.


Imagination is the key to life. My aim is to tap into the imagination and unlock the potential that lives within. I am no longer concerned about taboos and sensitivity, but in opening closed minds through my imagination.

David Teixeira, Content Contributor


ilmmaker and aspiring director. David was born in France and lived most of his life in Portugal. He has a Licence in Cinema, a professional degree in Directing Films and he took some workshops about Filmmaking and Dubbing Animation. He loves photography and Lomography, music and cinema.

“Girls Night” has been selected to some film festivals such as Video Nasty Film Festival in Seattle, Stockholm Independent Film Festival and Midsummer Scream Film Festival in LA and has received the honorable mention at the London x4 Seasonal Shortfilm Festival. David is now working on its sequel “Girls Night II”.

In 2007 he directed and starred in the low-budget short-film “Sweet Madness”, two years later he wrote, directed and composed for “the continuous noise” (“o ruido contínuo”) a short-film based on his actual love life at the time.

In 2012 he co-created a documentary for TV about migration and the idea of comfort for the people who travel called “HABITAT” that premiered on national television in Portugal and was officially selected on a film festival in Spain. Since then he migrated to France to live in Paris. In 2016 he decided to live in Bordeaux – where he was born – and he started to write, produce & direct his first horror short-film “Girls Night”.

Ali Vela, Content Contributor


assionate about film since the age of 5, I have always had a fond memory of my love for movies since then. I believe in the escapism and magic that movies can bring to the audience through cinematography, story, and special effects.

 “After studying film for 8 years at Wilmington University and the New York Film Academy, my knowledge about the art has been my greatest power.”

Born in Brooklyn, raised in Delaware, I found my way back to the Big Apple to pursue my passion! I’m excited to bring my love for film to you!