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My name is Ken Artuz, Founder and Senior Editor of DecayMag.com. I’m a New York City based photographer, writer and most of all a Horror genre connoisseur. Over the years, I earned a degree in Audio Engineering and Record Production. I also obtained Certification in Film Production and Field Recording.

I’ve been an avid horror fan since as long as I can remember. I spend my youth admiring box art at the neighborhood video rental store. Conversations with the attendants would fuel my curiosity on the genre.

At times, my older sibling would usher me to R-rated Horror films. I would also get my dose of horror by watching the latest releases at the movies. It was comical, how I would be the only preschooler in attendance. Movies varied but most were Grindhouse double features. I do recall films such as “Zombie Holocaust”, “I Spit on your Grave” and “Terrorvision”. Did I mention, I would be squirming in my seat?

The following is an overview of my personal endeavor, my passion, DecayMag.com. I created DecayMag.com to not only to offer news, and media content. The platform also aids in the promotion of independently developed projects. The information below reflects the history, goals and mission statement to DecayMag.com

Decay Magazine via Flipboard Mobile App.
The Beginnings on Flipboard

DecayMag.com History

Decay Magazine originated as a hobby on April 2014. The purpose was to provide news sources covering Horror, Thriller and Sci-Fi genres. Curated news articles had issued daily utilizing mobile/web app Flipboard.

The growth in popularity was phenomenal on Flipboard. Over the course of a year, thousands of followers and subscribers had garnered. This success was just the beginning. Yet, Decay Magazine would transform from leisure pass-time to dedicated news platform.

It became clear that managing a curated news source was both impersonal and robotic. The idea was spontaneous. A domain name got purchased and a theme created. In a blink of an eye, DecayMag.com was immediately off and running!

The mission was to create a platform that covered Horror, Thriller Sci-Fi. Of course, this includes all sub-genres. Although a presence continues on Flipboard, regurgitating pre-released content is not the agenda. Abandoned was the notion of providing quantity over quality.

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The Golden Years (We’re Not Decay Magazine!)

DecayMag.com Mission

By September 2015, Decay Magazine was re-branded to DecayMag.com. This is a dedicated online horror magazine for horror enthusiasts. The blueprint for DecayMag.com is to offer quality daily news coverage. The aim is to foster awareness on indie horror projects. Also, the site is a platform to promote aspiring horror content creators.

Although Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi news sites are a plenty. Many don’t offer a continued focus on the independent circuit. DecayMag.com strives to set itself apart. The site will offer itself as a promotional platform that encompasses indie developed mediums. We feature articles on crowdfunding campaigns and indie film/short film analysis. This is beside presenting the latest press release coverage and much more.

DecayMag.com DecayMag

DecayMag.com Development

The use of social media platforms is a powerful networking tool for DecayMag.com. The popularity in Horror, Thriller, and SciFi community comes new ambitions for content. We’ve secured interviews with industry talent within various fields of indie and major productions.

Profiled in 2015 were up and coming artists, and actors. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing many rising stars within the local community. Furthermore, we’ve set new goals and ambitions for the upcoming year. In the forecast are projects that will enable us to deliver news in both podcasts and YouTube mediums.