Ken Artuz

Ken Artuz is Co-Owner of Meca Ex Studios LLC. Artuz is a New York City Based Photographer with proficiency in Photoshop. His digital artwork was featured in exhibitions SOHO, NYC, twice. Artuz is a graduate of The Institute of Audio Research where he earned his degree in Audio Engineering and Record Production. He also earned certification in Television Production and Field Recording at Lehman College. For Horror Artuz Favors French Extremism and Indie productions. He is a novelist, and screenwriter listens to EBM, Industrial & Witch house and is an avid MMA sports fan. Ken Artuz will create a media empire built on the DecayMag Brand. Peter Stray Canariesvideo

Canaries Trailer Takes Off With UK Brand Of Comedy Sci-Fi

Canaries Fly With Comedy Sci-Fi Elements Canaries Film Detail  Director:  Peter Stray Writer: Peter Stray Release Date: TBA Release Format: TBA MPAA Rating: N/A Social Media: Twitter Genre: Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi Running Time: 1h 24min Synopsis: The first wave of an alien invasion coincides with a New Years Eve party in a Welsh... Omega 1 the Hacker Wars  Mark Edward Lewis 

Omega 1 Seeks Crowdfunding To Conclude Series

Omega 1: The Hacker Wars Needs Funds For Comic Book Issues Omega 1:  The Hacker Wars Crowdfunding Details Co-Creator: Mark Edward Lewis  Medium: Comic book Crowdfunding Platform: Kickstarter Project Overview: The bold long-standing sci-fi comic book saga with 10,000 copies sold worldwide returns after 5 years to ... To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story Director: Derek Dennis Herbertvideo

To Hell and Back Spotlights Kane Hodder Career, Story

To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story Explores Human Side Of Horror Icon To Hell and Back: The Kane Hodder Story Film Details  Director: Derek Dennis Herbert Release Date: June 28th, 2018 // July 13th, 2018 Release Format: Limited Cinemas // VOD/DVD MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Documentary Running Time: 1h... Undetermined Writer: Andy Perry Illustrator: Chris Holmes Publisher: Quaktion Comics

Undetermined Comic Delves Into Alternate, Creative Worlds

Undetermined, Bullying And Horror, Sci-Fi Mix In Comic Book Debut Undetermined Comic Book Details  Writer: Andy Perry Illustrator: Chris Holmes Publisher: Quaktion Comics Social Networking: Undetermined Website Synopsis: Undetermined explores ideas of causality and determinism. In quantum theory, every decision is played out across infinite multiverses. What if we could... Andrew Hansen, Hisonni Johnson Red Hood IT

Red Hood IT; Action Packed Fusion of Comic Book, Horror!

Red Hood IT, Impressive Action, Horror Crossover Red Hood IT Film Details  Director: Hisonni Johnson, Alberto Triana Writer:  Andrew Hansen, Hisonni Johnson Release Date:  10 April 2018 (USA) Release Format: YouTube MPAA Rating: Genre: Short, Action Running Time: 16min Social Networking: Synopsis: Red Hood IT follows the nocturnal activities of the brutal vigilante as... Emmanuel Saez Angels Versus Zombies Dark Patch

Angels vs Zombies; Dark Patch Infects Viewers In French Horror

Angels Versus Zombies, Generic Title Hides Entertaining Gem Angels Versus Zombies Film Details  Original Title: Dark Patch Director: Emmanuel Saez Writer: Emmanuel Saez Release Date: 29 March 2018 (USA) Release Format: VOD MPAA Rating: Genre: Action, Fantasy, Horror Running Time: 1 hour 4 minutes Social Networking: Facebook  Synopsis: N/A Overview From ravaging infected victims to...
DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep 4 Exclusive Interviews: Jason Winn, Cole Winokur, Nicholas M. Sato

Jason Winn, Cole Winokur, Nicholas M Sato -DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep4

Jason Winn, Cole Winokur, and Nicholas M Sato Join DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep 4 Jason Winn talks about his latest release, Rave Party Massacre. In our second intersession filmmakers Cole Winokur and Nicholas M Sato relay information on their crowdfunding campaign,...
DecayMag Podcast Exclusive Interviews Todd Bartoo Killing Joan , Emmanuel Saez Angesl vs Zombies

Todd Bartoo, Emmanuel Saez Interviews -DecayMag Podcast S7 EP 3

Todd Bartoo Talks Killing Joan, Emmanuel Saez Discusses Dark Patch. Exclusive Interviews Todd Bartoo director, the writer for Killing Joan and Emmanuel Saez director, the writer for Angels vs Zombies (Dark Patch) are our featured exclusive interviews. Tune into DecayMag Tune Into...
Dylan Reynolds, Vanessa Rose Parker

Dylan Reynolds, Vanessa Rose Parker -DecayMag Podcast S7 EP2

Dylan Reynolds, Vanessa Rose Parker Talk 420, Horror and 4/20 Massacre Dylan Reynolds, Vanessa Rose Parker husband, and wife team join DecayMag Podcast S7 Ep 2 for an exclusive interview surrounding her upcoming releases 4/20 Massacre. Tune into DecayMag Sessions Tune Into... Director: Jason Winn Writer(s): Jonathan W. Hickman  Maggie D. Hickman Jason Winn (story by) DeadThirsty Rave Party Massacre

Rave Party Massacre, Music-Video Expression To Slashers

Rave Party Massacre, Modern Classic To Slasher Cinema Rave Party Massacre Film Details  Director: Jason Winn Writer(s): Jonathan W. Hickman  Maggie D. Hickman Jason Winn (story by) Release Date: April 10th 2018 Release Format: DVD, VOD MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Horror Running Time: TBA Social Media: Website Twitter Facebook Synopsis: Set in 1992, during a hallucinogenic drug nightmare infused...