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Ken Artuz is Co-Owner of Meca Ex Studios LLC. Artuz is a New York City Based Photographer with proficiency in Photoshop. His digital artwork was featured in exhibitions SOHO, NYC, twice. Artuz is a graduate of The Institute of Audio Research where he earned his degree in Audio Engineering and Record Production. He also earned certification in Television Production and Field Recording at Lehman College. For Horror Artuz Favors French Extremism and Indie productions. He is a novelist, and screenwriter listens to EBM, Industrial & Witch house and is an avid MMA sports fan. Ken Artuz will create a media empire built on the DecayMag Brand.
DecayMag.com This is Real

Psycho Clan to Kidnap New Yorkers For This Is Real

Psycho Clan Unveils New Interactive Horror, This is Real. Psycho Clan has terrified New Yorkers over the past thirteen years. Spearheaded by Timothy Haskell the company manages Nightmare Haunted House, a scare attraction that’s amassed thirteen (13) successful years in...
DecayMag.com Peter Herro Christopher Lawrence Centanni WTF!

Peter Herro, Exclusive Interview with WTF! Director

Peter Herro Goes In Depth With WTF! Horror Film Peter Herro makes his directorial debut in horror with WTF!.  The film, a modernized view of traditional slasher themes released on August 1st, 2017. Herro also worked as co-writer on the motion...
DecayMag.com Iqbal Ahmed The Answer DVD Giveaway

Answer, The. DVD Giveaway, Enter to Win!

Answer, The. Be One of Three Winner To Recieve A DVD Answer, The Film Details  Director: Iqbal Ahmed Writer:  Iqbal Ahmed Release Date: 2017 Release Format: TBD MPAA Rating:  N/A Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller  Running Time: 1h 23min Synopsis:  After being attacked, an introverted young man must follow clues left by his...
Women in Horror Film Festival

Women in Horror Film Festival Debuts September 2017

Women in Horror Film Festival Debuts In Peachtree Ga 2017 Women in Horror Film Festival marks its first annual event this year. Festivities begin Thursday, September 21st, 2017 and conclude Sunday, September 24th, 2017. The multi-day event features a rich slate...
DecayMag.com William Scherer House on Rodeo Gulch

House on Rodeo Gulch, A Vacant Attempt to Haunted Thriller

House on Rodeo Gulch Creativity Evicted From Home Thriller House on Rodeo Gulch Film Details  Director: William Scherer Writer: William Scherer Release Date: July 10th, 2017 Release Format: VOD MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Comedy, Drama, Thriller Running Time: 1h 35min Synopsis: A mother and daughter fight a minister for possession of their new home. IMDb.com https://youtu.be/yZo8q1m-bpM Pros: Director William Scherer...
DecayMag S5 EP 3 Sevé Schelenz Peelers DVD Winners

DecayMag Podcast, S5 E3: Peelers DVD Winners Announced

DecayMag Podcast, S5 E3: Peelers DVD winners Announcement DecayMag Podcast S5 E3 Podcast Details  Overview In this week's episode, we reveal the five (5) winners to receive Peelers on DVD. Opening Greetings (0:13:00) Ken Artuz, Host Movie News Fede Alvarez, Simon Barrett,  Jason Eisener Developing  Thriller (0:1:38) Fabio...
DecayMag.com Corbin Billings (screenplay) Shariya Lynn (story, screenplay) The Monster Projectvideo

Monster Project, Found Footage Gets August Release

Monster Project, The. Adds Supernatural Creature Feature To Found Footage Monster Project, The. Film Details  Director: Victor Mathieu Writer(s): Corbin Billings (screenplay) Shariya Lynn (story, screenplay) Victor Mathieu (story, screenplay) Release Date: August 18, 2017 Release Format: On Demand / Digital HD MPAA Rating: TBA Genre: Action, Horror Running Time: 1h 35min Synopsis: A recovering drug addict takes...
DecayMag.com Justin Lee Big Legend

Big Legend, Cryptozoological Horror To Release Soon

Big Legend,  Big Legend Film Details  Director:  Justin Lee Writer:  Justin Lee Release Date: TBA Release Format: TBA MPAA Rating: TBA Genre: Thriller Running Time: TBA Synopsis: An ex-soldier ventures into the Pacific Northwest to uncover the truth behind his fiance's disappearance. IMDb.com Overview: It is no surprise to see the cryptozoological theme...
DecayMag.com Nicholas Hunt Safe Place

Safe Place Cast Update, Second Crowdfunding Launched

Safe Place Seeks Crowdfunding, Gets New Cast Members Safe Place Crowdfunding Details  Director: Nick Hunt Writer(s): Preston Fassel Pennie Sublime (screenplay) Nick Hunt (characters) (story) Medium: Feature Film Crowdfunding Platform:  Indiegogo Project Overview:   Six students attend a party to celebrate their friend's successful art show opening. Their presence triggers memories of a traumatic...
DecayMag Alawar Entertainment , Gamexy Displaced 

Displaced, Post-Apocalyptic RPG On Steam

Displaced Released on Steam July 26th!  Displaced Video Game Details  Developer: Gamexy  Publisher: Alawar Entertainment Genre: Adventure, Indie, Strategy ESRB: N/A Release Date: July 26th, 2017 Platform: Steam  Game Description: A deadly war has turned a once thriving country into a wasteland. A group of civilians is making their...