Samantha Kolesnik

Samantha Kolesnik is a writer and filmmaker. She produces at Above the Line Artistry and also directs the Women in Horror Film Festival. The Hobbyist Fredric Brown George Vatistas

Hobbyist, The. Horror Short Embodies Suspense

Hobbyist, The. Entertaining Adaptation of Story by Fredric Brown Hobbyist, The. Film Details   Director: George Vatistas Writer(s): Fredric Brown (story) George Vatistas Release Date: June 2016 (USA)* *IMDb Film Festival Circulation Release Format: TBD MPAA Rating: N/A Genre:  Short, Crime, Mystery Running Time: 9min Social Networking: Facebook  Synopsis: A seemingly ordinary man seeks out a sagacious druggist... Izzy Lee:

Izzy Lee, Horror Director, Writer Speaks On Core Of Her Works

Izzy Lee Discusses Horror And The Traumas, Social Commentaries Behind Her Work Izzy Lee is a prolific, award-winning horror director, writer, and producer originally from New England and now living in Los Angeles. I interviewed her about two of her... Melissa Kunnap

Melissa Kunnap Opens Up On Roles, Horror – Interview

Melissa Kunnap Reflects on Stereotype roles and Horror Melissa Kunnap Exclusive Interview  Editor's note: Melissa Kunnap is an Actress, Director, and Writer. Kunnap directed, penned and produced  the Horror short film The Stain. the synopsis reads as follows; Three siblings learn the horrific... Sophia Cacciola  

Sophia Cacciola; Actress, Director Explores Career and Horror

Sophia Cacciola Opens On Her Love of Horror, Film, and Career Sophia Cacciola Exclusive Interview Actress, Director, Producer, Writer Website DecayMag: You have such a diverse portfolio, but you have definitely worked a lot in the horror genre. What draws you to be... Sean Richard Budde Machine Baby

Machine Baby, Unconventional Horror With Rich Symbolism

Machine Baby, Miss America Feeds on Big Oil in Sean Richard Budde’s Film Machine Baby Film Details  Director: Sean Richard Budde Writer: Sean Richard Budde Release Date: 2014 Release Format: Film Festival Genre: Horror; Action Running Time: 10 minutes Synopsis: A struggling paparazzo gets pulled into a mad... Nathan Ludwig, Chad Farmer, and Charles Devin Hill Whats For Dinner

Whats for Dinner? Cannibalism Takes a Tasteful Turn

Whats for Dinner? A Short Serving Of Comedy and Cannibalism Whats for Dinner? Film Details   Directors: Nathan Ludwig Chad Farmer Charles Devin Hill Writers: Nathan Ludwig Chad Farmer Charles Devin Hill Release Date: 2017 Release Format: Film Festival MPAA Rating: Not Rated Genre: Horror, Comedy Running Time: 7 minutes Synopsis: A man's quiet night home... Jaysen Buterin The Corner

Corner, The. A Deep Mad World in Horror Short

Corner, The. Mad One's Films Brings New Fun to an Old Horror Tale Corner, The. Film Details  Director:  Jaysen P. Buterin Writer: Jaysen Buterin Release Date: 2017 Release Format: Film Festival MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Short, Horror Running Time: 6 minutes Synopsis: The Corner - because you never know... Wendy Keeling

Wendy Keeling Talks New Horror Short; Shades of Scarlet

Wendy Keeling Uncovers Shades of Scarlet, Career, and Horror Wendy Keeling is an actor, artist, writer, director, and producer based out of Nashville, TN. She has worked extensively in the horror genre, and her horror short, Shades of Scarlet, has... Director: Jason Tostevin Writer:  Randall Greenland  Jason Tostevin  Born Again

Born Again, A Conception of Horror and Comedy

Born Again in Horror Comedy, A Short Film by Jason Tostevin Born Again Short Film Details Director: Jason Tostevin Writer(s): Randall Greenland Jason Tostevin Release Date:  October 2016 (USA) *IMDb Release Format: TBA MPAA Rating: N/A Genre: Short, Comedy, Horror Running Time: 7 Minutes Synopsis: When a group of bumbling Satanists has their summoning... Monica Demes: Lilith's Awakening

Monica Demes, Lilith’s Awakening Director -Exclusive Interview

Monica Demes, Filmmaker Discusses Lilith’s Awakening Monica Demes is a Brazilian filmmaker whose work has been recognized by none other than David Lynch. DecayMag interviewed Monica for the scoop on her feature film directorial debut,          ...