Stephen Gillhespy

Stephen Gillhespy is a grad school student in the medical field who escapes the stresses of helping others through the catharsis of horror. He spent his childhood watching horror movies of all ages but fell in love with the genre after viewing the legendary Corman-Poe adaptations starring Vincent Price. Accompanying his love for horror movies he is also an avid gamer (and self-proclaimed Resident Evil fanatic). In 2017 he created Possessed Radio to explore the independent horror scene and talk horror with other creative minds across the world. The podcast revolves around interviews, reviews, and analyzing horror of all types and sub-genres. His most recent endeavor is dabbling in both film and horror writing. Hypergun Developer: NVYVE Studios Publisher: NVYVE Studios

Hypergun, A Brutal, Bright Rogue-Like Shooter

Hypergun, A Generally Enjoyable Experience For Those Fans Of Twitch-Based Shooters Hypergun Game DetailsĀ  Developer: NVYVE Studios Publisher: NVYVE Studios Genre: Action, Indie ESRB: NA Release Date: August 23rd, 2018 Platform: PS4, Windows, Xbox One Game Description: Save the world as DevTech Labs' fearless intern, Dewey Owens in... Chainsawesome Games Aftercharge

Aftercharge, A Unique Take On A Tired Competitive Genre

Aftercharge, Following Tweaks, Game Has Great Promise Aftercharge Video Game Details Developer: Chainsawesome Games Publisher: Chainsawesome Games Genre: Action ESRB: Rating Pending Release Date: TBD Platform: PC, Xbox One Game Description: Aftercharge is a competitive 3v3 first-person online game that pits invisible robots against a squad of specialized...