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Staff Correspondent at Independent movie blogger/reviewer, horror movie fanatic. Watches at least three horror movies per week. Loves dark, crude horror, slashers, and movies based on/inspired by real stories and events. Jordan Peele, Universal Pictures, Blumhouse Productions. Get Out

Get Out, Influential Horror film Arrives on VOD May 9th

Get Out, Arrives Home Via Digital HD, Blu-Ray, DVD, May 9th Get Out, Film Details  Director: Jordan Peele Writer: Jordan Peele Release Date: May 9, 2017 Release Format: Blu-Ray Digital HD DVD On Demand MPAA Rating: Rated R Genre: Horror, Mystery Synopsis A young black man visits his white girlfriend's family estate where... Damian Romay, Mar Vista Entertainment. The Follower

Follower, The. Psychological Thriller Release Across On Demand Platforms April 18

Follower, The, Arrives On Demand April 18 Follower, The: Film Details  Director:  Damián Romay Writer: Damián Romay Release Date: April 18, 2017 Release Format: Digital HD, On-Demand Genre: Thriller Synopsis On the last night of her tour, country-pop superstar Chelsea Angel (Erika Christensen), announces to her fans a... Brian Schiavo, Christine Russo, Strangerwerks Films. Lifeformvideo

Lifeform, Practical Effects Are A Highlight in Promo Clip -First Impressions

Lifeform, A Tale of Sorrow..With Added Gore Lifeform: Film Details Director: Brian Schiavo (Max Dementor) Writer: Brian Schiavo Release Date: TBA, 2017 Release Format: TBA MPAA Rating: Not Rated Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi Synopsis Hadrian Beckett, a molecular biologist working to bring his wife, Samantha, back from a brain dead state,... Brian Darwas, Jennifer Charchietta, Tragic Bus. Get My Gunvideo

Get My Gun, Trailer A Silent Spectacle of Suspense – First Impressions

Get My Gun, Trailer Does What It Does Best, Strikes Interest. Get My Gun Film Details  Director: Brian Darwas Writer: Brian Darwas, Jennifer Charchietta Release Date: TBA, 2017 Release Format: TBA MPAA Rating: Not Rated Genre: Horror, Thriller Synopsis After an innocent prank leaves Amanda pregnant and out of...

Bonehill Road, Practial Effects Werewolf Film Claws Crowdfunding Goal

Bonehill Road, Exceeds Crowdfunding Goal, One Month Remains Bonehill Road: Full Details  Director: Todd Sheets Writer: Todd Sheets Medium: Feature Film Crowdfunding Platform: IndieGoGo Project Overview Bonehill Road is gearing up for production. The werewolf film is written and directed by Todd Sheets, who is actually a long-time... Wild Women of Planet Wongo

Wild Women of Planet Wongo Extended Performances Till June

Wild Women of Planet Wongo, Ben Budick, Steve Mackes, Dave Ogrin Wild Women of Planet Wongo Extended Shows Synopsis Extended by popular demand, Wild Women of Planet Wongo is a zany, retro-futuristic immersive sci-fi musical comedy about two astronauts who land on a... Jarno Lee Vinsencius, JLV Pictures. Madame In Black

Madame in Black, Urban Legend Adaptation, Unsettling – Film Review

Madame In Black, Atmospheric Horror Redefines Urban Legend Theme Madame In Black, The, Film Details  Director: Jarno Lee Vinsencius Writer: Jarno Lee Vinsencius Release Date: February 28, 2017 (Sweden) Release Format: Streaming MPAA Rating: Not Rated Genre: Horror, Short Running Time: 24 minutes Synopsis After playing the infamous urban... Matt McWilliams. Chupacabra Territory

Chupacabra Territory Creature Feature Prowls With Horror Concept – Film Review

Chupacabra Territory Lurks Into Frightening Boundaries Chupacabra Territory, Film Details  Director: Matt McWilliams  Writer: Matt McWilliams Release Date: April 11, 2017 Release Format: Blu-Ray, DVD, VOD MPAA Rating: Not Rated Genre: Horror Running Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Synopsis Four friends hike into the Pinewood Forest to find evidence of...

Lighthouse Keeper Revives Edgar Allan Poe’s Story, Now on VOD

Lighthouse Keeper, The. Brings Edgar Allan Poe's Tale to Life Lighthouse Keeper, The Film Details  Title: Edgar Allan Poe's The Lighthouse Keeper Director: Benjamin Cooper Writer(s): Edgar Allan Poe (story)  Benjamin Cooper Carl Edge Release Date: 2017 Release Format: Cable, DVD, VOD. Synopsis A castaway awakes on a beach with wounded forehead and sees... Mike Cramer, Midnight Releasing. Teenage Ghost Punk

Teenage Ghost Punk, Family Oriented Horror Rocks -Film Review

Teenage Ghost Punk, Delivers Family Friendly Supernatural Horror Teenage Ghost Punk, Mike Cramer Film Details  Director: Mike Cramer Writer: Mike Cramer Release Date: April 4, 2017 Release Format: VOD MPAA Rating: Not Rated Genre: Comedy, Family, Music Running Time: 1 hour 39 minutes Synopsis Newly-divorced Carol moves with her kids,...