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Staff Correspondent at Independent movie blogger/reviewer, horror movie fanatic. Watches at least three horror movies per week. Loves dark, crude horror, slashers, and movies based on/inspired by real stories and events. Mary Harron Guinevere Turner to Work on Mason Film

Mary Harron Guinevere, Turner to Work on Mason Film

Mary Harron, Guinevere Turner Reunite for Novel Adaptation Director: Mary Harron Writer: Guinevere Turner Release Date: TBA Overview  Mary Harron and Guinevere Turner, were the creative minds behind “American Psycho". Mary Harron is well known for her works; “I Shot Andy Warhol”, “The Notorious Betty Page” and “The Moth Diaries”. “American Psycho" remains  one... Popcornflix The Devil in the Flesh

Devil in the Flesh Popcornflix Film Review

Devil in the Flesh Steve Cohen's Drama Horror Devil in the Flesh Film Review Director: Steve Cohen Writer: Kurt Anderson, Richard Brandes, Kelly Carlin-McCall, Steve Cohen, Robert McCall, Michael Michaud Release Date: June 23, 2000 Release Format: Video, Streaming MPAA Rating: Rated R Horror Sub-Genre: Drama,... Bathory countess of blood popcornflix

Bathory: Countess of Blood on PopcornFlix Film Review

Bathory: Countess of Blood Newly Released on Popcornflix Bathory: Countess of Blood Film Details: Director: Juraj Jakubisko Writer: Juraj Jakubisko,  John Paul Chapple Release Date: July 10, 2008 Release Format: Streaming MPAA Rating: Rated R Horror Sub-Genre: Biography, Drama, Fantasy Synopsis: It’s important to note that not all... William Brent Bell’s "The Boy"

William Brent Bell’s “The Boy” Film Review

William Brent Bell’s Horror-Thriller "The Boy" William Brent Bell’s The Boy Film Details Director: William Brent Bell Writer: Stacey Menear Release Date: January 22, 2016 Release Format: Theatrical MPAA Rating: Rated PG-13 Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller, Suspense Synopsis Greta is a young American woman who takes a job as a nanny... JeruZalem

JeruZalem, New Concept to Found Footage?

JeruZalem: Doron & Yav Paz Puts a New Twist on Found Footage Films JeruZalem Film Information: Writers: Doron Paz, Yoav Paz Directors: Doron Paz, Yoav Paz Release Date: (2015) Trailer: Overview “JeruZalem” is a new Found Footage Horror film from Israeli directors Doron Paz and... Anne Hathaway Sci-Fi Films; "The Shower" "Colossal"

Anne Hathaway to Explore Sci-Fi with New Films

Anne Hathaway’s Next Films: "The Shower” and “Colossal” Anne Hathaway to Star in Sci-Fi & Thrillers? There is some excitement revolving around Oscar-winning Anne Hathaway. The actress graced us with astounding talent. She's starred in “The Devil Wears Prada”, “The Princess Diaries”. Her... HBO Westworld

Westworld Production stops, HBO to calibrate

Westworld Redirection Planned, Debut Postponed Westworld Overview Looks like there is trouble in the “Westworld” territory. According to Variety, production on the long-anticipated HBO Sci-Fi/Western has shut down. The halt is only temporary. This minor set-back is a much needed to work...

Found Footage, 12 Docu-Style Horror Films To Watch

Found Footage, The Best Movies to See Found footage, what comes to mind? I think films that are inspired by true stories. or true documentaries. Which is not always the case. Go figure. I’m not usually a fan of found... Angus Scrimm Phantasm

Angus Scrimm Phantasm star Horror Icon Passed

Angus Scrimm: “Phantasm” Star Passes Away at Age 89 Angus Scrimm on Saturday January 9th 2016. He was a beloved actor most notable for his role as The Tall Man the "Phamtasm" film franchise. He passed away at age 89.... Martyrs 2016

Martyrs Trailer Comparison Remake vs Original

Martyrs Remake Lacks What The Original Offers? MARTYRS Release Date: January 22, 2016, Limited Release Release Platform: Theatrical (limited), DVD, Blu-ray, VOD Horror Sub-Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama Synopsis A woman and her childhood friend seek revenge out on those who victimized and abused them. Overview “Martyrs”,...