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Staff Correspondent at Independent movie blogger/reviewer, horror movie fanatic. Watches at least three horror movies per week. Loves dark, crude horror, slashers, and movies based on/inspired by real stories and events. Stephen King's IT REMAKE

Clowns Make for the Scariest Movies

Clowns, The Entity Within Horror Cinema Clowns, let's talk about it shall we? Why clowns? Because they’re scary; that’s why. Out of every movie I have ever watched, the movies that creep me out the most are movies with clowns... Insidious

8 Must-See Paranormal Horror Movies

8 Recommended Paranormal Horror Movies 8 films that are a must-see overview: Just as with any other genre, the world of supernatural and paranormal movies are starting to lose their flare. We’ve strayed away from movies like “The Exorcist” and “The... VHL Viral

VHS, Analysis of A Indie Horror Film

VHS, why is it the Best Indie Since “Scream” VHS Overview VHS the revival of the horror genre. Over the decades, we have been given some great Indie films that have been the “bread-and-butter” for the horror genre. Lately, our horror genre... To Catch a Serial Killer

To Catch A Serial Killer, Short Film (Review)

To Catch a Serial Killer, Directed by Sophano Van To Catch a Serial Killer Release Date: June 2, 2014 Release Format: Streaming, YouTube MPAA Rating: TBD Directed by:   Sophano Van Cast: Beatriz Ann Morris, Anthony Kiyoshi LePage, Michael A. Isaacs, Denise Woelpern, and Chase McGuire Horror Sub-genre: Horror,... Human Centipede 3

Human Centipede III Review

Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) Human Centipede III (Final Sequence) Release Date: June 18, 2015 Release Format: DVD MPAA Rating: NR Horror Sub-genre: Body Horror Synopsis: “Taking inspiration from the director of “The Human Centipede” films, the warden of a notorious and troubled prison looks... Stephen King's IT REMAKE

IT Remake Begins Filming Summer 2016

IT Filming Confirmed by Director Andres Muschietti IT will be a Remake for the Stephen King 1990 Classic Director: Andres Muschietti Writers: Stephen King, Chase Palmer, and David Kajganich After on-going struggles, and setbacks, the remake of Stephen King’s “It” will finally begin... Backtrack 2015

Backtrack: A New, Chilling Thriller

Backtrack, Chilling Thriller stars Adrien Brody Backtrack Film Details Release Date: TBD Horror Sub-genre: Mystery, Thriller Writer/Director: Michael Petroni Producers: Jamie Hilton and Antonia Barnard Synopsis: “Acclaimed writer and director, Michael Petroni brings us a chilling thriller about Psychologist Peter Bower, whose life is thrown into... The Angels’ Melancholia

10 Brutal Films for Gore Fans

Brutal Must Watch Films Brutal- punishingly hard or uncomfortable. Gore – the shocking, twisted depravity of dismemberment. These are the movies that were hardest to watch in my opinion. Of course there are way many more gory movies out there that I... Don Mancini Child's Play 7

Don Mancini Confirms Child’s Play 7th Installment

Don Mancini Makes Announcement Don Mancini writer to the child's play movie franchise confirms during the 40th Annual Saturn Awards. As I sat and watched "Curse of Chucky", amazed by the results, I am already pondering the continuation with a... You're Next

11 Underrated Horror Films That Are a Must See

11 Underrated Horror Films For Horror Fans underrated: underestimate the extent, value, or importance of (someone or something). Nowadays, good horror movies don’t come often. The not-so-good horror films get high ratings and positive reviews, while the better-than-average horror films get...