Award Review Metric

Review Definition and Measurement

Review Measure DecayMagAt DecayMag, we feature in-depth analysis on a myriad of Horror, Sci-Fi, and Thriller mediums. Our reviews are fair and caters to general audiences, not Horror enthusiasts. Critiques are not tainted and/or influenced by any form of compensation.

Thinking of that next movie ticket purchase? Looking to read an interesting graphic novel? Our review process aims to provide readers the best assessment possible. In turn, our analysis fosters educated buying and /or viewing decisions.

Accompanying each review is a rating system unique only to DecayMag. A percentage score is awarded based on predetermined criteria. These scores reflect how the medium performs against each category.

Below are our rating guide and a brief description for each review category.

91-100 Impressive

  • Exceeds expectations in both execution and delivery.
  • Destined to stand the test of time
  • Superior quality

81-90 Amazing

  • Notable aspects.
  • Will appeal to the majority of audiences.
  • Positioned at peak of category

71-80 Must See

  • Defining qualities in many areas of production
  • Meets expectations
  • Minor flaws

61-70 Terrific

  • Overall entertaining
  • Tonality and expression is accomplished
  • Minor flaws

51-60 Stunning

  • Captivating execution
  • Remarkable presentation
  • Minor flaws

41-50 Satisfactory

  • Outstanding yet drawbacks are evident
  • Production value is on par with theme

31-40  Average

  • Acceptable form of entertainment
  • Scattered flaws
  • Adequate and meets standards.

21-30 Good

  • Entertaining but not impressive
  • Major flaws

11-20 Mediocre

  • Severe flaws
  • Barely functional as entertainment
  • Amateurish, below standard of quality

0-10 Avoid

  • Lacks technical development
  • Every aspect of production is erroneous
  • Regretable waste of time


DecayMag also issues two awards aside from our review metric. These awards are DecayMag Editors’ Choice and DecayMag Premier Award.  The best of the best receive the DecayMag Editor’s Choice award.  DecayMag Premier Award

DecayMag Editor’s Choice
These recipients are prestigious in every level of production and entertainment value. DecayMag Editor’s Choice have a reservation of the highest merit. These form of media are the distinguished excellence of its class.

DecayMag Premier Award
These recipients are highly recommended for defining the standard of entertainment quality. Media that showcase best factors and meet the expectation of audiences are qualifiers.