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One of the most influential video games in the survival horror genre released ten (10) years ago. Dead Space, developed by Visceral Games, Sumo Digital, Eurocom, IronMonkey Studios and published by Electronic Arts spawned a video game trilogy, a series of graphic novels, animated films, and novels. We provide an introspect on the plot, visual and character-driven elements that made this award-winning video game a highlight in survival horror. This is issue one of the quarterly series.

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Featured Interviews

Gunner Wright

Actor, Voice Over Actor

Kristof Bathory

Musician, Dawn Of Ashes

Sioux Sinclair

Special Effects Makeup Artist

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Horror, Music and Video Games

Marketing tips from indie Horror filmmaker Jed Brian, How To on creating blood splatter from Makeup Effect Artist Sioux Sinclair, Industrial music playlist, Album Reviews, Top Ten Trending Trailers, plus more....