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Whether you’re a filmmaker, a performer or a musician having a professional social presence is important in today’s market. With scheduling constraints as an industry professional, it is not uncommon to see unpolished and/or outdated websites. You need an informative website that conveys the message of your medium, talent, and endeavors.

Ken Artuz though our parent company Meca Ex Studios LLC will assist in providing virtually any website format. Need an online portfolio, an e-commerce site, or updating an existing site? I’ll assess in bringing your content to audiences.

The entire web development process uses the latest design templates structured on WordPress backbone.

Did you know online content is consumed more across mobile devices than via desktop or laptop computers? The time of your visitors is of importance. Too slow of a website can spell disaster. All our websites are responsive and retina ready. What does this mean to you? Your website maintains equal design formula and uses the screen real estate on any device including laptops, tablets, and phones.

Areas of focus:

• Fonts, color schemes

• Layouts



• Mobile Friendly

• Consultation

Domain name registration

• Social Media Linking

Customized web designs to meet your business brand!

6 Steps Toward Your Website


Concept strategy, deployment, content


The layout, goals, added elements


Fonts, color, media etc..


Ensuring everything is working from the back-end structure


Ensure end product meets standard Search Engine Optimization


Share your new website with colleagues and family, friends.

[mvc_price_listing offer_visibility=”none” price_visibility=”none” price_title=”BASIC” price_currency=”$” text_clr=”#940000″ feature_size=”15″ offer_bg=”#940000″ top_bg=”#940000″ price_amount=”666″]
  • FrontPage or Number of Pages: 5
  • Photo Gallery: 2
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Form using anti-spam technology
  • Embed Video: 1
  • SEO Compliant
  • Monthly Maintenance fee $20
  • Price $666

[mvc_price_listing offer_visibility=”none” price_visibility=”none” price_title=”GOLD” price_currency=”$” price_amount=”666″ text_clr=”#940000″ feature_size=”15″ top_bg=”#dddd1f”]
  • Number of Pages: 6-11
  • Photo Gallery: 3
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Form using anti-spam technology
  • Embed Video: 2
  • Private Password-Accessible Pages
  • SEO Compliant
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Training (up to 2 hours)
  • Monthly Maintenance fee $20
  • Price: $1400

[mvc_price_listing price_visibility=”none” price_title=”PLATINUM” price_currency=”$” price_amount=”666″ text_clr=”#940000″ feature_size=”15″ top_bg=”#c4c4c4″]
  • Number of Pages: 12-17
  • Photo Gallery: 5
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact Form using anti-spam technology: 3
  • Embed Video: 5
  • Private Password-Accessible Pages: 3
  • SEO Compliant
  • Google Analytics
  • E-commerce up to 10 items
  • Website Training (up to 2 hours)
  • Social Media Sharing Buttons
  • Monthly Maintenance fee $20
  • Price: $2000


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