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DecayMag Podcast S1EP3:

Weekly Podcast and Audio Supplement To
We Focus on Horror, Thriller, SciFi Entertainment News. We feature the latest in Film, Television, Video Games, and much more…
We’re Also Reserve Attention For Indie Developed Mediums

00:00 Opening credits
00:51 Introduction

02:20 Penny Dreadful -Ken Artuz
06:33 Netflix Black Mirror -Enid Roman
10:50 Scream Queens 2 -Stacy Cox

14:30 Become A Contributor Writer

News Of The Week

16:03 Spawn Reboot Film -Ken Artuz Todd McFarland Video

22:12 The Crow Reboot Nixed -Enid Roman
28:35: Metro 2033 -Stacy Cox
33:09 Blumhouse’s SevenFold -Enid Roman
37:15 Dead 7 -Stacy Cox  Dead 7 Trailer 

Video Games

40:21 System Shock Reboot -Ken Artuz System Shock Remastered Alpha Gameplay

Crowdfunding Spotlight

43:24 Anne Dark Crowdfunding Campaign 

49:30 Outro


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