Podcast Season 1 Episode launches its first podcast episode today. Stop by and take a listen. This is our continued effort in providing the latest in Horror, Thriller, SciFi News. The podcast also serves as a promotional platform for indie developed mediums. We’ll be featuring a crowdfunding spotlight in each episode. For inclusion please forward your press kit to us.

The original intent was in presenting a videocast. Yet, the format didn’t coincide with Youtube’s policy. Footage we provided although short in length disabled viewing access. Thus,  we opted in plan B, an audio podcast.

The venture is a learning experience. We’re thankful to all our readers and followers. Stay tuned for more episodes and the evolution of in this new platform.

Donations are appreciated. Send us an email for more information on how to contribute or visit our campaign on Patreon

Record date: 27th February 2016.

Below is the time stamp for each segment.

S1 E:P

00:00 – Credit Roll
00:52 – Introduction


1:33 – A&E Damien-Ken Artuz
4:28 – FOX The Exorcist -Enid Roman
6:22 – STARZ Ash vs Evil Dead S2 -Stacy Cox
8:25 – CINEMAX Outcast -Ken Artuz
11:16 – AMC Fear The Walking Dead S2 -Enid Roman
13:34 – Star Trek Returns to Television – Stacy Cox

17:44 – DONATIONS – Enid Roman

18:13 – FILM

18:15 – Underworld 5 Updates -Enid Roman
20:09 – Prometheus 2 Updates -Ken Artuz
22:31 – Lance Henriksen Interview Clip
26:34 – HellRaiser: Judgement Updates – Stacy Cox


31:18 – Friday The 13th The Game -Enid Roman
33:54 – Hideo Kojima Ventures into VR Gaming -Stacy Cox


38:24 – Visage- Ken Artuz

43:28 Outro


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  1. Hi. I just saw your post on twitter. I’m a horror fan and would like to know the ways in which to participate, get involved and maybe collaborate. I write and draw but have not taken advantage of the ways in which the web can be used. Maybe you folks can provide some insight. Thank you.


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