Massimo Dobrovic, Actor

Massimo Dobrovic is most notable for his roles in the 2015  Crime, Drama, Thriller;  “Badge of Honor”, and the 2015  Action, Martial ArtsDrama; “Mercenary: Absolution“. In addition, Massimo Dobrovic also starred in several horror films some which include the 2015 Horror, Thriller;Nocturna” and the 2015 Action, Horror release “Navy SEALs vs. Zombies“. (The latter was reviewed by in the following article: “Navy SEALs VS Zombies” Movie Review”).  In 2016, Massimo Dobrovic has several upcoming film in which he will be starring in. Action, Martial Arts, Drama “Killing Salazar“, the Drama, Fantasy  “Behind the Curtain of Night” and a yet to be disclosed Horror film are in the forecast to Mr. Dobrovic’s filmography credits.

Earlier this week, (week ending Friday the 18th of December 2015) Massimo Dobrovic graciously offered his time from  his New York City visit for an exclusive interview with Mr. Dobrovic touched on; his educational background, working in Hollywood, his filmography, his love for the Horror genre and much more.  Above all, Massimo Dobrovic offered insight towards his philanthropic work, a scholarships/charity program towards students living in financially impoverished circumstances, and political turmoil within third world nations. Candidates, future students are offered an opportunity to study performance an theatrical arts at one of many United World Colleges locations worldwide.

Its always exciting to discover and especially meet upcoming artists in the film industry, and contributors to horror genre. Our commitment is to offer as a platform for aspiring artists to promote their medium, projects and endeavors. From all of us at we offer the utmost thanks to Massimo Dobrovic for giving us the pleasure in conducting this interview. We invite everyone to take a moment to watch the video (provided above) to gain insight on a rising international star of modern cinema.

We especially wish to emphasize Massimo Dobrovic’s philanthropic endeavor with United World College. For more information on Mr. Dobrovic’s charity please visit his professional website.



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