2307: Winter’s Dreams To Premier at 9th LA Indie Film Festival

 2307: Winter’s Dreams Film Details DecayMag.com Joey Curtis, Paul Sidhu 2307: Winter's Dreams

Director: Joey Curtis

Writer(s): Joey Curtis, Paul Sidhu

Release Date: September 16, 2016 (LA Premier)

Genre: Sci-Fi


In 2307, a future soldier is sent on a mission to hunt down the leader of the humanoid rebellion


2307: Winter’s Dreams will make its premiere tonight. The event will occur at 9th LA Indie Film Festival. The film is an Action, Sci-Fi set in the distant future. As the title of the film suggests, a grim scenario exists for mankind. The setting depicts Earth is an uninhabitable frozen tundra. Survivors have escaped the clutches of sub-temperature by retreating underground.

The narrative centers on an elite team of Spartan 7 soldiers. Under the leadership of General Trajan, the group is on the hunt of a rouge bio-engineered Humanoid. This particular Humanoid is hellbent of waging a war against his creators, mankind. The irony is the fact that scientists created these bioproducts to aid in survival.

The rogue humanoid possesses enhanced traits and tolerance to extreme cold. Will the advantage suppress the elite team hunting it?

2307: Winter’s Dreams will premier tonight the 16th of September 2016. The event will take place at the Let Live Theatre in West Hollywood. Director and co-writer Joey Curtis will be in attendance. Joining Curtis is co-writer and star of the film Paul Sidhu will be in attendance. Following the screening will be a Q & A event with the filmmakers.

Visit Eventbrite to buy tickets. 

In related news

2307: Winter’s Dreams will embark on a film festival circulation. Ultramedia and London’s SC Films signed a distribution deal with Nettai Museum in Japan. The venture will open the door for 2307: Winter’s Dreams to be distributed on the Japanese market. International deals are solidified to distribute 2307: Winter’s Dreams. Arrangements include; Signature in the U.K., Ascot Elite in Germany, Falcon Films in the Middle East and Hagi Film in Poland.

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