Anime Expo, Los Angeles Convention Center, July 1st

Anime Expo Event Details


AX is the consummate display of Japanese culture and its unique animation style of anime, its characters, costumes, fashion, merchandise, Japanese Pop, Japanese/American celebrity guests who participate in appearances and autograph signings for the throngs of loyal and passionate fans of the art style and Japanese pop culture.

Japanese entertainment is featured in concerts including Anisong World Matsuri featuring some of the hottest Japanese musical performers today and dance clubs and karaoke on site are always popular destinations.

Anime movie and series premieres take place throughout the four-day Expo, aspiring artists will display their work and create anime art on site in Artist Alley, and new video games and applications will be previewed and available for play.

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Anime Expo celebrates its 26th year! AX is a massive convention highlighting Japanese tradition and culture. Through competitions, Anime movies including premieres and screenings, and industry panels featuring big names in the industry.

There are interactive activities throughout the convention, including Q&A sessions and giveaways. Guests to attend are industry Creators, Personalities, and Musicians.

Guests to attend the 2017 convention, are:

Akira Himekawa Manga artist and illustrator duo, Akira Himekawa, is comprised of A. Honda and S. Nagano. Their works include Honoo wa Kaze no Na no Gotoku and The Legend of Zelda.

AmaLee (Leeandlie) Voice actress and vocalist. YouTube Sensation. Works include Crossing Field, aLIEz, and Papermoon.

Mari Iijima Singer and songwriter. Known for her debut album Rosé. Also known with Victor Entertainment Japan and Warner Music Japan.

The Anime Expo will be held this July 1st through the 4th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Pre-Show Night is June 30th. Not much information is known at this time, as a schedule of events is still in progress.

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