Blood Manor Returns in 2017 With More Frights and Fun

Blood Manor Event Details

Location: 163 Varick Street

Venue: Themed Haunt

Date / Time:

October 6th 7pm-12am

October 7th 7PM-12AM

October 8th 6PM-10AM

October 12th 7PM-11PM

October 13th 7pm-12am

October 14th 7PM-12AM

October 15th 6PM-10PM

October 18th 7PM-11PM

October 19th  7PM-11PM

October 20th 7pm-1am

October 21ST 7PM-1AM

October 22nd PM-10PM

October 24th 7PM-12AM

October 25th  7PM-11PM

October 26th  7PM-11PM

October 27th 7pm-1am

October 28th 7PM-1AM

October29th  6PM-10PM

October 30th 7PM-12AM

Halloween Night October 31st 6PM-1AM

Lights Out November 3rd 7PM-12AM

Lights Out November 4th 7PM-12AM

Attention ghost, ghouls, and Horror aficionados Blood Manor will open its doors once again for the fourteenth consecutive season in New York City. Located in the Hudson Square District of Manhattan Blood Manor offers a frightful experience for those who dare to enter. Blood Manor 2017This year’s event not only brings different aesthetics but also some new features to handle busy evenings.

The press event was held on the 28th of September 2017 within an exhibition area to the WeWork Varick Street location. In comparison to last year, this atmosphere had an inviting, open setting. Music pumped with satisfactory volume and did not overpower the many conversations within the room.

After indulging in wine and music, Blood Manor’s slate of twisted characters made a dramatic appearance. The actors and actresses portrayed the many levels of nightmarish creatures.

From zombies to backwoods serial killers the personalities went about the room frightening and entertaining guests. Yet, it was more of the latter considering the creatures were out if the environment. With the sufficient lighting within the event space, every flaw to the makeup was noticeable. So what if this was the case. Costume design and prosthetics may not have been camera ready but that did not hinder the fun everyone was having.

The venture into Blood Manor was another experience in Blood Manor 2017

This year many notable changes to the interior were noted. Some of the rooms were revamped to include large-scale monsters. A darkened corridor illuminated with green laser lights was also added to disorient patrons. Although there were alterations to the layout much of the decor and experience remained the same. One of the most attractive features to Blood Manor is a passageway I dub the “3D avenue”.  Here patrons are given retro-style 3D glasses and venture into a passageway covered with neon illustrations of horror.

The performers go out of their way to make the experience more enjoyable. I appreciate the interaction they offer to patrons. Getting the shit scared out of you does not have to be serious. The actors and actresses deliver humor and Horror in a way that makes patrons feel at ease. Blood Manor is not an extreme Haunt. It is a place to take your friends, enemies, and neighbors to have a good time.

While Blood Manor may seem tame to our level of Horror intake it did send the three women in our group running to the exit. With that regard, casual purveyors of Horror will have an exciting adventure within the halls of Blood Manor.

Below are excerpts from the press release, descriptions to added feature on this year’s event.

New Features Blood Manor 2017

• Revised timed ticket entry system! More Flexibility and Shorter lines and wait times! Now you can not only pick the date you want to visit but choose the time – in 1 (one) hour time slots- so no more trying to time your arrival for a 1/2 hour time slots.

• For the last 2 hours of each night, general admissions will be on a first come basis. And, if you want to buy tickets ahead of time, that’s cool too. On our site, the last time slot for each night will be 2 hours in length.

• RIP EXPRESS ENTRY tickets will be valid all night long for the date purchased. Come any time you want and have little or no wait!


“Lights out Night”, Friday, Nov. 3rd and Saturday, Nov. 4th return! Experience Blood Manor with just a glow stick and minimal lighting


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Ken Artuz is Co-Owner of Meca Ex Studios LLC. Artuz is a New York City Based Photographer with proficiency in Photoshop. His digital artwork was featured in exhibitions SOHO, NYC, twice. Artuz is a graduate of The Institute of Audio Research where he earned his degree in Audio Engineering and Record Production. He also earned certification in Television Production and Field Recording at Lehman College. For Horror Artuz Favors French Extremism and Indie productions. He is a novelist, and screenwriter listens to EBM, Industrial & Witch house and is an avid MMA sports fan. Ken Artuz will create a media empire built on the DecayMag Brand.


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