Blood manor Launch Another Year As New York’s Premier Haunt

Blood Manor Over Ten Years Of Frights 

Blood Manor, New York’s premier haunted house opened its doors to select members of the press. The event took place on the 28th of September 2016. Ken and Enid Artuz of DecayMag were on hand for the fright-filled evening.

The crowd was treated to interaction with scare actors. Some in attendance may even agree the experience was an unexpected scene of Horror. Yet, it is this intimate expression that has attracted crowds to Blood Manor for over ten years.

The press was allowed exclusive access to the labyrinth of torture and depravity. Given upon entering patrons are stern instructions to abide by.

  • Do not touch the actors
  • Do not touch the props
  • No pictures or video

Once inside visitors will trek through with a series of horror-themed rooms. The decor is a cross between a psychedelic trip and Rob Zombie’s worst nightmare. Horrific props adorn every inch of the interior. From severed torsos to nightmarish creatures these designs serve well as environmental distractions. Strobes lights accent the assault on the senses. Yet, it is the actors that propel the experience to a higher intensity level.

For Horror connoisseurs, Blood Manor will serve as a perfect place to be. The ambiance and decor are fascinating. These displays of art merit strategic analyzation while walking between rooms. If Horror were to live in a museum this would be it.

Each performer represents a unique characteristic of terror. Terrorizing visitors are everything from zombie clowns and cannibalistic doctors.

The make-up effects are of top quality. Yet, there was only a handful actors pancaked under layers of prosthetic and makeup. As these creatures taunt it was another chance to admire the craftsmanship on the makeup. The costumes were creative and elaborate. Enhancing each character are their talents portrayed.

As for personal space, consider that to be of nonexistence while visiting Blood Manor. The performers will jump out from the shadows. These characters will interact face to face with patrons. The entertaining factor is in watching frightened clients jump and shriek with more fright.

The success is no mystery. Presented is a formula that proves to be both entertaining and memorable. Some patrons will exit the event with smiles and laughter. This was our reaction. Other would exit with fright and in haste. Blood Manor appeals to everyone regardless of preferred threshold for Horror.

Located at 163 Varick Street, Blood Manor resides in a brick and mortar edifice. Except for the signage the location is otherwise nondescript. Blood Manor will open it’s doors to the public Friday the 30th of September 2016. The Horror attraction will run throughout October until the early part of November. Visit the official site for more details

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