Brooklyn Horror Film Festival to Unveil in October

Brooklyn, known for the Nets, hipsters and it’s bar scene. There are other qualities this unique borough offers Some reputable while others are notorious. Nevertheless, this October Horror will be a part of Brooklyn culture. is a stone throw away from Brooklyn. A quick hop on the rat infested subway or a commute over the jammed Brooklyn Bridge and we’re there! Its our pleasure to report and introduce the first annual Brooklyn Horror Film Festival.

Brooklyn Horror Film Festival 

The festival will begin the 14th of October 2016 and will end the 16th of October 2016. An opening night party will kick off the festivities. The three day event will host Q&A’s sessions, an award ceremony, and interactive media. A celebratory event will occur on the final day of the festival. For more information visit the  the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Website.  All this plus access to an assortment of visual mediums from aspiring Horror film makers.


Submissions are now open for short films and feature length films. Further details on film submissions are available via the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Website. Fees are waived for current New York City film students. Identification from any number of shady Time Square photo booths will not be accepted. Valid school identification are required to waive entry fees. Early bird pricing is in effect, aspiring film makers may want to take advantage of this offer

Justin Timms, Brooklyn Horror Film Festival Director shared his thoughts on this upcoming event. He stated:

“The Brooklyn Horror Film Festival is committed to programming nothing short of the best in independent horror.  The festival is a welcoming environment for filmmakers and fans to meet, party and watch some badass cinema.”

New York City residents and those from neighboring areas this is a historic festival that shouldn’t be missed!

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