Colina: Legacy Developers Launch PAX East Ticket CHANCE6 Studios Colina Legacy

Colina: Legacy Game Details


Developer: CHANCE6 Studios

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Release Date: Winter 2017

Platform: Steam, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Linux.

Game Description:

As Alex wakes up in his parents’ car and finds himself alone, he looks at the house looming ahead of him, where his grandmother lives. There’s a weird feeling about it, as if something lurks there and watches, cast in shadows, smiling in the dark. Alex makes way to the strange house.


PAX East 3 Day Passes Promo Giveaway

As part of the unveiling of Colina: Legacy at PAX East 2017 the developers are giving away ten (10) three (3) day passes to this sold out conference. Be sure to read the rule and guidelines to this giveaway.

Below is the PAX East 2017 three day pass giveaway summary;

•The creators of Colina: Legacy will also be giving away three-day passes to 10 lucky winners

• To entrants are to share the Colina: Legacy contest image across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (or all three) with the following caption “This #CLSwan wants to go to #PAXEast17!”

• Tag Colina: Legacy in the post CHANCE6 Studios Colina Legacy

PAX East 2017 unfolds at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. The three-day event runs the 10th of March to the 12th of March 2017. Colina: Legacy are stationed at booth #12128. Be sure to stop by and partake in a survival Horror experience. Are you interested in playing the demo for Colina: Legacy at PAX East? Fill out the schedule here.

“As a tribute to the game’s incredible storyline – and added treat for attendees – we have decided to upgrade the traditional booth experience by formatting the 20’x20’ space to reflect ‘granny’s kitchen’ – an eerie vision from CL’s complex world of horror and suspense.”

“We invite attendees to step into ‘granny’s kitchen’ – if they dare – and get up close to a captivating world of horror and psychological intrigue. Just like our main character Alex, booth goers may just find themselves hoping for a safe passage out…”

Sean Slavik CHANCE6 Studios



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