Comcast Connects Winchester House, Project Dead Zone Live Twitter Event


    Comcast Sets The Winchester Mystery House With Xfinity Gigabit Internet For Project Dead Zone Live Twitter Event

    Comcast Project Dead Zone Event Details Project Dead Zone Comcast

    Broadcast: Live Twitter Event 

    Time: 10PM EST | 7PM PST

    Date: Tuesday, October 16th, 2018


    The Winchester House has attracted tourists and enthusiasts of the supernatural for years. Whether it is the strange architectural design that involves a 24,000-square-foot, maze-like estate with 160 rooms, 2,000 doors, and 10,000 windows or the hauntings associated with The Winchester curse one thing is certain, it captures the imagination.

    There from film to reality television, The Winchester House has provided audiences with a different perspective on the haunted abode. Earlier this year The Spierig Brothers released a Fantasy, Horror feature film based on the history of The Winchester House. On season 5, episode 8 of Ghost Adventures the paranormal investigators explore the enigmatic dwelling.

    Now it is Comcast turn to delve into The Winchester House mystique with Project Dead Zone a live Twitter event that will connect audiences with a real-time paranormal investigation.

    Project Dead Zone Event

    Announced today is another media project that draws emphasis on the mysterious allure that is The Winchester House. Below is the latest project between Comcast and The Winchester Estate. Detailed is the latest technology involved in presenting a live event via Twitter.

    Comcast today announced that in the lead up to Halloween, it has installed a one-of-a-kind mesh WiFi network in America’s largest purportedly haunted house, eliminating a record number of ‘dead zones’ and setting the stage for a live event, streamed exclusively on Twitter.

    On Tuesday, October 16, the Xfinity brand will launch Project Dead Zone at The Winchester Mystery House, a  that is renowned for its  and history of paranormal activity. A team of ‘investigators’ will attempt to navigate through doors and passageways in real time with help from the live Twitter audience, who will stay connected with the team thanks to the home’s new, mesh WiFi system that includes Xfinity Gigabit Internet service and as many as six xFi Advanced Gateways and 36 xFi Pods.

    The interactive campaign highlights home connectivity and will allow the Twitter audience to participate in the real time experience as it unfolds.

    “Not all WiFi is created equal and there’s no stage more fun than the Winchester Mystery House to demonstrate the big differentiators of our broadband platform – speed, coverage and control…”

    “…We’re partnering with Twitter to give people the chance to go on a thrilling, interactive journey through one of the most purportedly haunted places in the country. There’s nothing scarier than a WiFi ‘dead zone’ and thanks to the combination of our lightning- fast gigabit service and xFi Pods, consumers can finally put those fears to rest.”

    Todd Arata, Senior Vice President of Brand Marketing at Comcast.


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