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Halloween is a time for frights. This is the time of year where people are excited, not only because of the Fall but also because of the exciting Horror movies that take place for the whole month of October.

Starting late September and through October, venues host fun parties for people to get dressed up and to come out and have fun. These parties consist of dancing, activities, and food and drinks. Even amusement parks host fright nights, where the parks are open for a discounted price, and the whole park is lit up with Halloween decorations and staff in costumes to scare up visitors.

My favorite part of Halloween is the movies and the parties when I can find a good one. HEX looks to be one of the best parties I have heard about in years. In my hometown, nightclubs will put on special events, but they aren’t as fun as this.

Trick-or-treating in my neighborhood has even become less fun over the past several years, due to the area being too dangerous to wander the streets at night. Now, most parents take their children to venues, such as Boo at the Zoo, or Halloweekends at Cedar Point. Some museums also generate fun activities for families.

I don’t feel Halloween as a holiday will ever die out as too many people care for the holiday. Especially kids, who love the fact of getting dressed up as their favorite cartoon characters and going door-to-door to get loaded on candy and sweets.DecayMag.com. Sinister Pointe Productions. Hex Halloween Gala and Costume Party

HEX Halloween Gala and Costume Party will take place on October 27 and 28 at the Orange County eSports Arena. The gala will have surprise guest attendances and food and drink vendors. There will be fun activities to partake in. Looking for something fun to get into this Halloween season? Grab your tickets and head over to the HEX Halloween Gala and Costume Party hosted by Sinister Pointe Productions.

Hex Press Release Excerpt:

On October 27th and 28th, you are invited to raise a glass to the occult and join the coven as Orange County’s eSports Arena will be transformed into ‘HEX’, the most twisted, sinister, Halloween gala outside of Salem. This unique costume party will feature heart-pounding live entertainment, interactive mischief, $500 costume contest and devilish delights all wrapped into a wicked decor which will leave you with nightmarish visions.

Enjoy intoxicating tunes from Jason Jass, the DJ who has been captivating audiences at the Mad T Party since 2012, the popular Alice in Wonderland nighttime offering at Disney California Adventure.

In addition, a special performance from Monte Revolta and his Band of the Living Dead will wake the dead and have everyone running to the dance floor. The most shocking front man to ever crawl from the crypt has assembled a shadow-band unlike any other and they’re hungry to be the afterlife of the party.

HEX is proud to bring choreographer Eddie Garcia, former Michael Jackson dancer from the Bad and Dangerous tours, along with the dancers from Affenix Dance Center featuring Brendan J. Braiser, to the stage to perform a high-energy, infectious, and thrilling performance guests will not soon forget.

If you dare, venture our gypsy encampment and visit one of our oracles to uncover your final fate. Perhaps our snake enchantress will relieve your worry and charm you into submission with her boa constrictor, Monty Python. Among other surprise acts, who knows what the divine powers will unearth.

Through the night, enjoy delicious fare from out catering partner, Dogzilla, winner of “The Best Food Truck” by the Orange County Register, CBS Los Angeles, and OC Hot List. Drink the night away with your own concocted mystical potions, brewed to bubble and boil before your very eyes at our themed bars.

You can even get the ultimate VIP experience. Find out more on the website.

Other People and Vendors in Attendance

Matta the Oracle

Snake Enchantress and Monty Python

Dogzilla (Winner of “The Best Food Truck”)

The Poison Post

Serums and Spirits

The Tipsy Crow

Lynx Elixir’s Mixing Den

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Sinister Pointe Productions.


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