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    Medusa Underground Film Festival brings together more than 50 short films to showcase women who are changing the filmmaking landscape around the world! Taking place at the Artisan Hotel Boutique in Las Vegas, NV, the “Medusa Underground Film Festival” will feature such events as a huge filmmakers panels, Q&A, workshops, a “Lifetime Achievement” Award, a variety of after parties, networking, an awards ceremony, two feature films, and multiple blocks of short films showcasing the different sides of underground, Medusa Underground Film Fest

    The Medusa Underground Film Festival is proud to announce that the incredible, Los Angeles based, a non-profit organization “Women in Media” will be hosting a special networking brunch on Sunday, January 13th at the Thunderbird Boutique Hotel., Medusa Underground Film FestCelebrating the art of the female filmmaker, The Medusa Underground Film Festival will be honoring legendary cult actress and filmmaker Debbie Rochon during the festival ceremonies. Creating a memorable career in drama, science fiction, comedy, cult, horror, and underground cinema for over 35 years, Rochon has been a driving force and a role model for women in the genre. With over 250 credits total, Rochon has shown an underground spirit and drive that has matched her with creators like Lloyd Kaufman, James Gunn, John Russo, Gunnar Hansen, Ron Bonk, James Balsamo, Brian K. Williams, Ryan M. Andrews, Gregory Lamberson, and more. Debbie Rochon will be honored during the weekend with her appearance TBA.

    The Medusa Underground Film Festival is excited to add another evening to the incredible festivities with a special “Opening Night” charity party happening at the Backstage Bar & Billiards on Friday, January 11th. Kicking off at 8 PM, with all donations from the opening night event going to the charity Street Teens. This opening night party will feature vendors, networking, and more!

    For more information on the MUFF event, visit the Official Site.

    To purchase tickets to MUFF, visit Event Brite.

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    Women in Horror entertainment has created quite a memorable presence and continues to be a rising trend. Coming from the restricted days of the role of the woman being the victim and the damsel in distress in cinema, to now the woman holding more prominent roles, such as Director, Writer, Producer. Also, the roles in cinema have changed to roles that had an imprint identity of masculinity for decades. Such as strong protagonists and antagonists.

    Since then, the concept of strong women in Horror has become a movement. The Medusa Underground Film Festival, Women In Horror Film Festival founded in 2016, Women In Horror Month, founded in 2010.

    It’s always nice to give to charity. Street Teens is an organization that helps teens get off of the streets. With the youth today at a greater risk of street life than ever, programs such as this step in and create a safe haven where youth can spend their free time rather than the unfavorable option.


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