Metal Gear Orchestra Starts Tour in LA.

Metal Gear, made its debut in 1987 on for the MSX computer system. The title released by Konami for Japanese and European markets.  Konami later created Snake’s Revenge, a sequel in 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Hideo Kojima, the series creator developed a different sequel for the MSX2 titled Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.

Yet, it wasn’t until Metal Gear Solid released in 1998 via on the PlayStation console proved to be its breakout success. Since then the series spawned five installments thereafter. The fifth main episode Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PlayStation IV in 2015 and became the top-selling release of the Metal Gear franchise. Metal Gear Orchestral Concert

Metal Gear combines Action, Adventure and Science Fiction into its stealth combat intensive gameplay.

A world concert event will begin October 10th to commemorate the worldwide success and 30th anniversary of Metal Gear. Metal Gear Orchestral Concert

The following is an excerpt from the official press release:

The official Metal Gear orchestral concert series will premiere outside of Japan in 2018, starting in Los Angeles (Oct. 10) before moving to New York (Oct. 13) and Paris (Oct. 28). The concert will feature more than 70 musicians on stage, including Metal Gear singer Donna Burke, HD footage from the game will be projected on a giant screen in perfect sync with the music.

Reviving the most memorable moments of the game, the concert will feature the best music from the Metal Gear Solid games, with background music (BGM) like the “Main Theme,” “Encounter,” “Father and Son,” not to forget memorable songs such as “The Best is Yet to Come,” “Snake Eater,” and “Heavens Divide,” which will be sung live by Donna Burke. Metal Gear Orchestral Concert

Schedule and Ticketing information

Tickets will be available for pre-sale from March 17, 2018 (starting from noon local time of each city). Starting April 4, 2018, the remaining tickets will be available on for Los Angeles and New York and on for Paris.

Los Angeles (USA)

Date: October 10, 2018

Location: Wellshire Ebell Theatre

Pre-sales starting March 17, 2018 

Available starting April 4, 2018

New York (USA)

Date: October 13, 2018

Location: United Palace

Pre-sales starting March 17, 2018 

Available starting April 4, 2018

Paris (France)

Date: October 28, 2018

Location: Palais des Congrès

Pre-sales starting March 17, 2018 

Available starting April 4, 2018 Metal Gear Orchestral Concert


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