Nitehawk Shorts Festival Secures VOD Distribution For Film Festival Content

Nitehawk Shorts Festival Partners with Shudder, Sundance Now.

Nitehawk Cinema’s annual Nitehawk Shorts Festival showcases and salutes the field of
independent short filmmaking. The event spreads over a six-day course and features screenings, special events, and networking opportunities.

Nitehawk Shorts Festival have now established a streaming partnership with Sundance Now and Shudder. This is a first-ever distribution opportunity over video on demand platforms. The deal occurs on the heels of recent developments made to 2017 Nitehawk Shorts Festival. According to the press release;

During summer 2017, Nitehawk Shorts Festival toured to select independent theaters within the U.S. with its inaugural Nitehawk Shorts Festival Selects program.

The Nitehawk Shorts Festival is held exclusively at Nitehawk Cinema, New York’s premiere dine-in theater that pairs exemplary first-run and repertory film programming along with table-side food and beverage service.

“The mission of the Nitehawk Shorts Festival is to support independent short filmmaking and part of that includes getting as many eyes on short films as possible.

We believe in a symbiotic relationship between theatrical and streaming so our exciting new partnership with Sundance Now and Shudder will allow an even wider audience to have access to these incredible works.”

Caryn Coleman, director of programming/special projects, Nitehawk Cinema.

Sam Zimmerman (Curator, Shudder) and Caryn Coleman (Director of Programming, Nitehawk Cinema) collaborated on aggregating content for the “Midnite” Nitehawk Shorts Festival program. These selections are part of short-form filmmaking in the horror genre

Each of the short films listed below will air on the premium horror streaming service Shudder

Elegy (directed by CJ Gardella)

Undress Me (directed by Amelia Moses)

The Music Lesson (directed by Adam R. Brown & Kyle I. Kelley),

Vore (directed by Lauren Erwin)

The Call Girls (directed by Juice)

Your Date Is Here (directed by Todd Spence & Zak White)

Creswick (directed by Natalie Erika James)

For access to the streaming platforms, please visit Sundance Now and Shudder.

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