NYC Horror Film Festival Offers Fights to Denizens

NYC Horror Film Festival,

Created by MooDude Film CEO Michael J. Hein in 2001, NYC Horror Film Festival is a world renowned as one of the longest running genre film festival in New York City. The four day event begins on the 12th of November and ends on the 15th of November at Times Scare, in the bustling heart of the metropolis.

The 2015 NYC Horror Film Festival offers a competitive screening platform with a focus on independently produced Horror films. This year’s event is hosting a line of very intriguing full length features and film shorts, (a couple of which that were covered by

If you’re in the tri-state area you will not want to miss this event. Will be there? We most certainly will! Centrally located to public transportation, including the Port Authority Bus transit and is also easily accessible by car. Below is a partial list of films scheduled to screen at the 2015 NYC Horror Film Festival

Short Films:

  1. “Vicious” Directed by: Oliver Park
  2. “Knob Goblins” Directed by:  Christopher G. Moore
  3. “Hush” Directed by: Michael J. Kehoe
  4. “The Funspot” Directed by: Jake Hammond
  5. Night of the Slasher” Directed by: Shant Hamassian
  6. “Whispers” Directed by: Murad Peret
  7. “Devil Makes Work” Directed by: Guy Soulsby
  8. “I am Candy” Directed by: JB Minerva
  9. “Iris” Directed by Richard Karpala
  10. “Dead Hearts” Directed by: Stephen Martin
  11. “Meridians” Directed by: Blake Rice
  12. “Painkiller” Directed by: Jeremiah Kipp

Full Length Features:

  1. “Most Likely to Die” Directed by: Anthony DiBlasi
  2. “#Horror” Directed by: Tara Subkoff
  3. “Friday the 13th” Directed by: Sean Cunningham 
  4. “All I Need” Directed by: Dylan Narang


  1. “Hostile” Directed by: Nathan Ambrosioni 
  2. “Save Yourself” Directed by: Ryan M. Andrews
  3. Dead Body” Directed by: Bobbin Ramsey

For more information and to purchase tickets to the event(s) visit 2015 NYC Horror Film Festival. The event will be held at Time Scare, NYC’s year round Horror attraction.


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