NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century Horror and Culture Entwine For Public Exhibition

NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century Details

Free screenings in public parks, cultural institutions, and venues across New York City this summer and fall.

The haunting dark shadow, the eerie eyes, the threatening fangs, and the distinctive creepy long nails describe none other than the 1922 classic character: Nosferatu. Originally directed by F.W. Murnau, Nosferatu is based on Bram Strokers classic 1897 novel Dracula. 95 years later Italian artist Andrea Mastrovito revamps (all puns intended) the classic with animation and a symphony.

Starting August 14th, public art organization More Art in collaboration with Artist       Andrea Mastrovito will present NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century. NYsferatu is an extravagant, hand animated silent film that features 35,000 original drawing created by Andrea.

DecayMag.com Andrea Mastrovito NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century

“Drawing is humanity’s most basic language…”

“…This is why I try to understand and describe the world we are living in today through thousands of drawings and visual allusions. Very often the best mediator between the world of ideas and the real world is a simple pencil.”

Andrea Mastrovito, Artist NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century

The film is also paired with an original musical score composed by Simone Giuliani. Select locations will have the soundtrack of the film performed live and reinterpreted by professional musicians. This will add to the NYsferatu experience and engage audiences from both an artistic and social perspective.

NYsferatu questions the traditional interpretation of the vampire and addresses the obstacles immigrants stumble upon when escaping war and hardship at home such as economic exploitation, discrimination, and xenophobia in their new country. Set in New York City, the reimagined storyline was driven from recent immigrants and new English learners who interacted with Mastrovito and More Art during the production of the film. Driven by film study workshops, multi-lingual titles cards were created in languages including, Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, and English. This is a wonderful way to include various groups of immigrants and include the world to the film!

DecayMag.com Andrea Mastrovito NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century

“NYsferatu triggered different parts of the imagination and curiosity of our participants. The workshops asked us how this historical interpretation of the film might be counterposed with our current reality…”

 Guido Garaycochea, Manager of the New New Yorkers Program at the Queens Museum

“Working on the project, seeing the film, writing, drawing, engaging in critical thinking, particularly exploring the question, ‘what is the vampire in my life?,’ allowed the students of the Turning Point Education Center advanced class to make many connections between their personal experiences as immigrants and current events in the US and in their countries…”

Maritza Arrastia, an ESOL Educator based in Brooklyn.

“We’re excited to expand the dialogue about NYsferatu with the greater public…”  “We think it will resonate with diverse audiences and can’t wait to see how New Yorkers respond.”

Micaela Martegani, Executive Director of More Art

NYsferatu: Symphony of a Century will be an exciting, critical experience that will bring the new and old world of audiences and filmmaking together and include multiple cultures from around the world as one. It seems as if the vampire will teach us instead of scaring us.


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