Official Latino Film Festival Unveils Horror Shorts

Official Latino Film Festival commemorates its second year. The two-day event begins Friday the 16th of September 2016. The Official Latino Film Festival will take place at Poet’s Den Theater in New York City, New York.

Showcased are eighty-six short films and eight international films. Each project embodies the talents of Latino filmmakers. Submissions range on different genres with origins spanning the globe. From Latin American Nation to U.S. based cities each film will explore Latino influence.

An “All Latina Filmmakers” spotlight will feature eleven films directed by Latinas. This year’s theme is Latino Unity.

The festival was founded in 2015 by filmmaker Danny Hastings of Atomicus Films as a response to the lack of diversity amongst Academy Award nominees. And with the evident lack of American Latino representation in studio films and TV, it’s up to the community— the American Latino — to tell stories from an authentic perspective. The core mission of the festival is directed at supporting, recognizing, showcasing and nurturing the emerging creative American Latino filmmaker in the United States.

As a Latino, this event touches home on a personal level. Latinos are an emerging force in the film community. The role of Latinos in cinema has evolved. Declining are the stereotype cast. In it’s place are strong leads and supporting roles.

Latinos also have a strong presence within the Horror genre. The popular film franchise RecThe Conjuring 2’s Javier BotetThe Exorcist’s Alfonso Herrera are prime examples.

The Official Latino Film will screen a Horror themed Block. The segment will unveil genre specific works from upcoming Latino filmmakers. The two-hour event begins tonight at 8:00 PM. Films scheduled to screen are;

▪ Cleared directed by Gilberto Flores
▪ Necromancer directed by Maria Palacio
▪ The Lost Pueblo directed by Tomas Sanchez
▪ Get the Hell Out directed by Jess Castro and Regan Arevalos
▪ Val-en-tina written and produced by Jaquita Ta’le
▪ Let’s Play Dead Girl directed by Christian Morán
▪ Darker directed by Alex Torres
▪ The Talk In The Night directed by Christian Hanna

The Official Latino Film Festival

Poet’s Den Theater in New York City

309 E 108th St, New York, NY 10029


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