Passport To Iron Will Grab Imagination To SciFi, Anime Lovers Of All Ages

Passport to Iron City Event Details Alita Battle Angel Passport To Iron City

Location, Date:

Los Angeles January 23

New York on January 26

Austin on January 29.

Ticket Information:

Special-priced tickets are available

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Marketing departments and think tanks are always delving on imaginative avenues to promote upcoming movie releases. Product branding and video games are the most common film tie-ins. Over the years we have seen an increase in VR content. For example, The Spider-Verse Web AR Experience is the latest venture that allows audiences to enter the world based on the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse film. While technology has broadened creative horizons by giving audiences in-story exploration outlets another platform growing in popularity is the immersive experiences. With the latter, the events entail a blend of live-action gameplay, set designs, props and actors to make the story come to life.

Film to immersive experience adaptations incorporates all the gameplay aspects found in escape room adventures. For the uninitiated, escape rooms require problem-solving skills, teamwork, and strategy to beat the clock and achieve a goal. Passport to Iron City is the latest immersive experience, an event that transports patrons into the futuristic world of Alita: Battle Angel. Alita Battle Angel Passport To Iron City
Photography Credit: ken Artuz


Sheltered within a nondescript one-story building in Brooklyn lies the Iron City sprawl and serves as the basis of our review. A Meticulous eye to detail went into recreating the futuristic world of Robert Rodriguez, James Cameron, and Jon Landau’s upcoming 20th Century Fox film. Passport to Iron City is not a multi-level performance art piece. Instead, the entire exhibition fits in one large room. A room that is larger than most Manhattan apartments.

The items that under normal circumstances serve as garbage is re-purposed as trinkets of value and works of art. Besides the decor, other leading factors come into play at this event. One highlight is the performers that remain in character. Each actor has a designated role stationed at kiosks-like sections catering as different levels to Iron City. Each of these stations simulates a different area of Iron City.  From the bar called Kansas to the to the Scrapyard and The Factory, each location is a must visit. Alita Battle Angel Passport To Iron City
Photography Credit: ken Artuz

Passport to Iron City at its core is a game, with goals set against the clock. The aim is to acquire enough point to reach Zalem an elegant floating city, a remnant of the great war. There is so much to cover within the open room environment.  Visitors must have an astute eye to capture hidden messages posted throughout the vicinity. Also, a word of advice, keep all your senses tuned.

Creative production company iam8bit and media and entertainment firm The Seelig Group are heading this all-new immersive entertainment experience. Alita: Battle Angel production designer Steve Joyner and Caylah Eddleblute are leading production design, Erich Meyr, former senior game designer at Insomniac Games and current design director at Squanch Games, is leading game design, and experience design studio Tellart is leading creative technology.

Passport to Iron City Press Release Excerpt

The Purge Breakout was another film to immersive experience adaptation. In this instance, Horror served as the thematic backdrop and did not cater to younger audiences. Passport to Iron City is an exciting experience for all ages and opens an interest to the upcoming film Alita: Battle Angel which, of course, is the ultimate goal.

The only negative for Passport to Iron City is the addiction level. There is so much to do, in particular, the interaction with the performers. This is an event to participate on more than one occasion. One visit would be to partake in the game and the next visit is to take pictures of the environment and actors. Once the Passport to Iron City event ends it ends forever. Unless we may have to wait till 2563.



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