Psycho Clan Unveils New Interactive Horror, This is Real.

Psycho Clan has terrified New Yorkers over the past thirteen years. Spearheaded by Timothy Haskell the company manages Nightmare Haunted House, a scare attraction that’s amassed thirteen (13) successful years in NYC. Located in the lower east side Nightmare Haunted House is the traditional scare attraction. In this presentation, actors portray villainous characters that range from demented clowns to bloodthirsty serial killers. Nightmare Haunted House although Horror themed concentrate on general audiences with age limitations.

For further information on Nightmare Haunted House consult our report below.

Nightmare Horror Show to Terrify NYC

The Latest

Psycho Clan in collaboration with Studio 153 will unleash a Horror experience unlike anything on the present market. The project titled This is Real and will exercise a simulated survival horror scenario. Below is an excerpt from the official press release;

…You’ve been kidnapped. You don’t remember how; you don’t know by whom. But there you are, locked up in an abandoned warehouse watching the gruesome treatment of the person who was taken before you. They implore you to help them, but you cannot. By the time they are dispensed with, your time has come. Your friends have been taken away. You are on your own. You have just one shot at getting away if you are to survive and be reunited.

This next expedition in Horror and interactive deviates from the conventional haunted house construct. This Is Real blends theater exhibition and interactive immersion. Unlike other extreme haunts that subject participants into relentless and sadomasochistic situations, This Is Real has a real life style to Horror.

“This is Real is not a haunted house experience…” “I’ve directed many different horror productions, haunted houses, escape games and populist interactive events, so this is a culmination of everything that has worked rolled up into 70 minutes worth of entertainment!”

Timothy Haskell This is Real Creator

This is Real hosts eight participants during each show. The simulated abduction stands unique for each experience. To Be clear no two performances are alike. This is Real puts participant in a state of survival against psychopaths. Players must not only fend for their lives but the lives of additional players.

This is Real is;

….an extreme escape room and a twisted version of hide ‘n seek, you’ll have more to think about than yourself. You have the other victims to consider. Do you risk valuable time to figure out how to save them? Or is it every man for themselves? Wrong decisions come at a steep price for captives… do not get caught!

This is Real had an outstanding test run in October 2017. With the assessment and sold out Psycho Clan This is Realperformances it became apparent that this new journey in Horror was ripe for public consumption.

Below is the information for This is Real

Date: September 8th, 2017

Location: 153 Coffey Street, Brooklyn

Price: $95-$110.

Visit The official website for complete details.



Technical design by James Lo

Props by Faye Armon,

Costume design by Kimberly Matela

Production design by Paul Smithyman

Director Timothy Haskell


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