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Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl Synopsis

Soon after moving in with her aging aunt Dora, Adele meets Beth, seductive and mysterious, who tests the limits of Adele’s moral ground and sends her spiraling down a psychologically unstable and phantasmagoric path.



Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl will have a special pre-release screening event hosted by Shudder at Nitehawk Cinema. The Drama, Horror, Thriller is directed by A.D. Calvo. He also pens the script.

There will be an introduction by Sam Zimmerman, Curator at Shudder. This will happen at 7:30 p.m. There will also be a Q&A with Director A.D. Caldo, along with starring cast members Erin Wilhemi (portrays Adele), Quinn Shephard (portrays Beth), and Susan Kellermann (portrays Dora).

This screening will be held at:

Place: Nitehawk Cinema 136 Metropolitan Ave located in Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York

Date: May 3, 2017.

To learn more about this event and purchase tickets, visit Nitehawk Cinema.

The Latest

The Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl cast includes

Quinn Shephard

Susan Kellermann

Erin Wilhelmi

Frances Eve

Sweet Sweet Lonely Girl is a Shudder exclusive set to premiere May 4, 2017. Subscribe to Shudder and start your free trial by accessing the banner below.

The trailer for Calvo’s film is very dark and eerie. It’s filled with mystery. It follows a young woman, Adele, who moves into a big, creepy house. Clips become intense her fun time with another young woman turns awry. She appears to be hiding secrets that unveil as the clips progress.

The trailer is backed up by an eerie melody, which adds more intensity to the film. It’s also interesting that it seems as if Adele is narrating the film while everything else is silent. However, this could just be the trailer itself and the film might be different.

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