This Is Real Event Is A Real Emotional Rollercoaster.

This is Real Is As Close To Real Horror Survival As It Gets….

It’s a gloomy, chilled day when I made my way down….(location omitted for secrecy). As I approach my destination the setting changed from homes to an abandoned warehouse where I took a deep breath and wondered, “How did I get myself into this?”  This Is Real, the psychological effects of the theatrical immersion was setting in. Walking onward, the environment was persuading me to turn back, but I had no choice. I volunteered for this experience. This is RealAfter being greeted by an unremorseful usher (he is a nice guy in real life) I received instructions to leave my belongings and put on a gray jumpsuit. Fine. My heart is pounding now because I’m vulnerable, the audio and low lighting was getting me nervous.

I was excited but at the same time growing to be a chicken real fast! I was then blindfolded, bound, and guided to a tiny space where headphones were placed on me.

Once I sat down, I freed my hands and uncover my eyes and what I saw next literally kept me stiff and made my heart drop.

“This is only theatrics”, I told myself. My heart was racing, eyes wide open, and even my right knee was bouncing out of nervousness. Right in front of me, through the caged cell, I was sitting in, one of the worst scenarios I’ve ever thought of was happening: torture. The pantyhose masked kidnapper was torturing his first victim. The audio so gruesome and compelling I was terrified at this point! Then the kidnapper draws his attention to the rest of us blowing air in our caged cell getting us ready to be his next victim.

Once the kidnapper stepped out of the room, the race to stay alive was on! I discovered three other victims were in the cells next to me and we had to work together to get out! Feeling around the room and using physical clues we had to find a way out! Everything has its twist; he would come down to find us in the middle of our scurrying and if our hiding spots were not good enough….DEAD!!

This Is Real emerges you into a real-to-life horror film and tests our psych, fear, and survival antics. It is the perfect horror bonding experience that gives you an adrenaline rush and makes you think what if…

This is Real had an outstanding test run in October 2017. With the assessment and sold out performances it became apparent that this new journey in Horror was ripe for public consumption. Please be aware This Is Real is open year-round beginning:

• Date: September 8th, 2017

• Location: 153 Coffey Street, Brooklyn

• Price: $95-$110.

Visit The official website for complete details.


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