Toxic Tutu World Premiere Release Scheduled For 2017


    Toxic Tutu, Scheduled  for 2017 Release

    Toxic Tutua companion piece to the cult classic The Toxic Avenger is scheduled for a world premiere on the 25th of March 2017. The event takes place at Mad Monster Party in South Carolina. 

    Toxic Tutu stars; Joe Nardelli Toxic Tutu

    Jonny Fairplay

    Frank Messina

    Pro wrestling legends Jake “The Snake” Roberts and

    Jimmy “Boogie Woogie Man” Valiant

    Kung-fu great Mel Novak

    Shawn C. Phillips

    Genoveva Rossi

    Adult film actresses Nadia White and Diana Prince.

    Several cast members from The Toxic Avenger including Lloyd Kaufman and Mark Torgl

    The following is a summary of the plot;

    More than 30 years after starring in Troma Entertainment’s cult classic horror-comedy The Toxic Avenger, Mark Torgl – AKA Melvin the “Mop Boy” – resurfaces at a fan convention, only to be abducted. And for what? A contaminant-rich toxic oasis a select few know exists.

    Joe Nardelli directs and co-wrote Toxic Tutu. Nardelli created the film with the help of hundreds of fans.

    The event will include celebrity guests and more. Seating is limited!

    “Mark Torgl, my best friend, told me almost five years ago that Eben McGarr and Joe Mo from Mad Monster Party Charlotte had invited him to make a celebrity guest appearance at their convention to celebrate the then-upcoming 30th anniversary of The Toxic Avenger. What started out as a weekend home movie documenting Mark meeting his fans and learning how much Melvin meant to them turned into a four-year obsession and one of the greatest experiences in my life.”

    For more information visit the Official Toxic Tutu website. The website features Toxic Leaks, and bonus content not featured in the film. Cast and crew information are also provided plus much more. Follow Toxic Tutu on social network platforms; Facebook and Twitter.


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