Unfriended Prod. Sets Open Call Screenshare Submissions!

Unfriended an example of Screenshare

Social media has grown exponentially in just a short year span. The social platforms, love them or despise them are an intricate part of our lifestyle and society. Horror films in recent years have used social media platform as a key component to the story-lines. Also seeing inclusion in Horror storytelling is the use of mobile technology. Released in 2014 is Levan Gabriadze’s “Unfriended” (originally titled “Cybernatural”). Written by Nelson Greaves, the film centers on:

A group of online chat room friends find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend.

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The film offers a unique integration between technology, social media and Horror concepts. The entirety of the film progresses through the view of electronic devices. A story is build around and transgress across social network platforms & applications. What sets the film’s distinction is the “screenshare” film-making method.

What is screenshare film-making?

Screenshare filmmaking is verité storytelling set on the screens of digital devices.  Timur Bekmambetov is a notable Producer, Director and Writer. He’s also the founder of Bazelevs Production. Timur Bekmambetov served as Producer  to the 2014 release “Unfriended”. He introduced the Screenshare concept on the film.  “Unfriended” now serves as a testament to the innovative form of this creative expression.

Screenshare film-making Workshop

Currently underway is a Screenshare film workshop and online movie production reality show. Aspiring filmmakers globally are invited to participate in this unique event. Hosted by Timur Bekmambetov of Bazelevs Production, the event entails one specific requirement. Entries are required to:

“..takes place on the screen of an electronic device (computer, cell phone, tablet, VR device, etc.) and that the story plays out across more than one social network platforms & applications (i.e. Skype, Facebook, email, iTunes.)”

  • Submissions for potential filmmakers are due February 24, 2016 at 11:59PM PST

Is the Screenshare workshop a contest?

It is a workshop and an opportunity to engage on new and innovative technology. Films will be screened by Bazelevs Production executive and selection will be made for the “winning” teams. These individuals will have the opportunity to engage in the Screenshare film workshop and online movie production reality show. Expenses will be paid for the U.S. filmmakers to come and stay in Austin during the workshop. International teams can participate remotely. Teams will be:

“..assigned to a short story to be provided by Bazelevs and immediately begin pre-production on their short, working with Bazelevs executives via Skype to finalize scripts, scout locations and cast.”

Timur Bekmambetov of Bazelevs Production sums this unique technological film-making event as:

“…offering a unique opportunity for bold, creative new artists to try their hand at the  – verité storytelling set entirely on the screens of digital devices which he introduced with last year’s hit thriller Unfriended.  His production company is looking for submissions from filmmakers from around the world to participate in an open source screenshare workshop that will begin on March 7th in Austin, Texas in conjunction with the SXSW Film Festival.  The end goal of the workshop is to shoot and edit eight screenshare shorts over a course of a week and live-stream the whole process of production on the site, which will function as a masterclass in the “screenshare style” not only to participants but to everybody in the world.

We at Bazelevs take a real interest in discovering and nurturing new talent and pioneering alternate forms of cinema and we’re especially excited by the extraordinary possibilities this screenshare format offers. Our experiment Unfriended was just a beginning. We aim to continue working with young filmmakers to redefine all existing genres through the screenshare language. We have two screenshare movies already in post-production, Liked and Wizard of OS, and four others in pre-production, but we are constantly looking for creative personalities who could bring their input to the development of this language.”

For further information on the Screenshare film workshop visit The Offical Screenshare films Website.


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