United Ink No Limits Tattoo Expo 2017 Inks New York City This Weekend!

United Ink No Limits Tattoo Expo 2017 starts today, Friday the 31st of March, 2017 in New York City. The expo runs until Sunday The 2nd of April 2017. A slate of events will unfold for the duration of the three-day course. On the agenda are seminars, contest awards, and giveaways.

Also scheduled to unfold will be:

• Raquel Reed Burlesque Show
• Miss United Ink Contest
• Tattoo Contests
• Real Bearded Men Contest
and much more

DecayMag.com United Ink No Limits Tattoo Expo 2017

United Ink No Limits Tattoo Expo also provide the opportunity for persons to get inked by internationally renowned artists. Celebrity artists will also be in attendance to adorn skin with wicked artwork.

For more information or to buy tickets stop by the United Ink No Limits Tattoo Expo 2017 Official Website or the Facebook.

Tattoo and body modification/art is a culture unto itself. The platform serves as a personal freedom of expression. Over the years Tattoos have grown in popularity, severing the stigma it once had. DecayMag will be on hand to cover the United Ink No Limits Tattoo Expo.

In our coverage, we’ll explore the fusion of Horror and Horror concepts into Tattoo culture. Horror is a dedicated culture with throngs of enthusiasts. From the supernatural to zombies and slashers Horror inspired tattoos are a common theme. As popularity on the macabre grows so does our desire to express said interests. Its not surprising to see sub-cultures develop related to Horror concepts. DecayMag will be conducting interviews with notable artists specializing in Horror related art. If time permits this author may even get a Horror themed tattoo at United Ink No Limits Tattoo Expo.

Also, on our slate of interviewees are artists of Latino descent. We’ll be inquiring on Tattoo culture and expanding contributions from the Latino community.


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