“Wes Craven Tribute Showcased at IFC…

“Wes Craven’s Nightmares” is a comprehensive retrospective in honor of horror icon, the late Wes Craven. The event will run from the 9th of October 2015 to the 26th of December 2015 during The Waverly Midnights Program and will featured twelve of the most influential films in horror directed by Wes Craven. This is a perfect opportunity for fans to pay tribute to horror visionary, Wes Craven and is not to be overlooked. The full schedule of films to be screened at “Wes Craven’s Nightmares” are provided below.

  • October 9-10: THE SERPENT AND THE RAINBOW (1988)
  • October 16-17: RED EYE (2005)
  • October 30-31: THE HILLS HAVE EYES (1977)
  • November 6-7: SCREAM (1996)
  • November 13-14: SCREAM 2 (1997)
  • November 20-21: SCREAM 3 (2000)
  • November 25-28: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (1984)
  • December 4-5: WES CRAVEN’S NEW NIGHTMARE (1994)
  • December 11-12: SHOCKER (1989)
  • December 18-19: THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS (1991)
  • December 24-26: THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT (uncut) (1972)

For more information visit the IFC Center website, or call 212-924-7771. The IFC Center is located at 323 Sixth Avenue at 3rd Street, travel information can be obtained via the google map provided below.

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