Wizard World Cleveland Set Stage for Comic Book and Pop Culture 

Wizard World Comi-Con 2017 Cleveland, Ohio


Wizard World Comi-Con occurred this past weekend, March 17th through March 19th. The Huntington Convention Center in downtown Cleveland, OH hosted the three-day extravaganza.

As DecayMag Staff Correspondent I’m both honored and thrilled to have covered this convention. In attendance were a wide range of celebrities, guests, entertainers, vendors. Let’s not forget the creative cosplayers showcasing their awesome work.

Friday, March 17th was the kick-start day, the crowd was very light. There were more guests on Saturday but Sunday had a light turnout as well. I attended Wizard World Comi-Con in Chicago, summer of 2016. I remember the event having much more of a turnout in that year.

DecayMag.com. Wizard World Com-iCon Cleveland
Millie Bobby Brown (Stranger Things) with yours truly

Also, I remember way more cosplayers being in attendance than this year’s convention. DecayMag specializes in Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, and connecting genres. When we cover a convention, we place heightened emphasis on these genres. This includes the celebrities, guests, and cosplayers.

My favorite moments this weekend was my photo op with Millie Bobby Brown. Brown is notable for her role as “Eleven” from the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Of course Brown stars in other projects as well. Stranger Things heightened her popularity. In her portrayals, she puts on a phenomenal performance. In person, she mirrors her phenomenal persona. Brown was very kind and graceful.

Celebrity Attendees

In attendance was Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek fame. Barry Bostwick from The Rocky Horror Picture Show was also a special guest. I didn’t get a photo op or autograph with neither, unfortunately. They were both very inviting. People would stop by, say hello, shake their hands and talk with them for a while.

There were a lot of great cosplayers at Wizard World. This is one of the highlights of these pop cultural rich events. I’m going to give a spotlight on genre-specific guests. Let’s start with three of my favorites characters


David and Hannah does an exceptional job on Pyramid Head and the Nurse from Silent Hill. These cosplayers captured the essence of horror with their works of art.

Cosplayers David, Debbie, Tyler, and Devin did an authentic portrayal of The Walking Dead characters; Rick, Carl, Negan, and Carol. A cosplayer as “The Monster” from Stranger Things does a very good job at his costume. Unfortunately, I could not get his name to credit the photo, so I can’t include it.

Aaron Carsner does a pretty impressive cosplay of Giorgio Tsoukalos from Ancient Aliens. Does his hair not look out of this world? Of course, a comic con will not be complete without Storm Troopers! Chris and Tim showcased their devotion to the franchise with some cool outfits.

Vendors in attendance

Be sure to check out my on the fly interviews with some of the vendors in attendance. Below are links to each of their websites. Do check them out.

Zenescope Entertainment


Mess Bucket Comics (Owner, Dominic Riggio)

Heather M. Schilling (Creative Protagonist)

Ben Templesmith (Author)

Camron Johnson Illustrations

Ardently Crafted (Owner, Kathleen Strawder)

Addie J. King (Author)

Thirteenth Floor Art & Clothing Co. (Artist, Billy Ludwig)

Any Means Necessary Clothing (Owner, Shawn Coss)

• Aaron Lambert Art (Artist)



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