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It was a frightening sight, throng of cannibal corpses engulfed Southeast Yamhill Street, Portland Oregon on Labor Day the 7th of September 2015. Fortunately, on this day there was enough room in hell for the actual dead to be walking the earth. Attendees weren’t craving brains, instead they were craving to be a part of horror cinema. The event was organized by The Portland film festival with the aim of setting a Guinness World Record event, “Zombie Day Apocalypse”.

Josh Leake, Executive Director of The Portland film festival added:

“Zombie Day Apocalypse perfectly captures the renegade spirit and vision of the Portland Film Festival.”

Also on the agenda was the opportunity to be an extra in the independent horror film “Zombie Day Apocalypse”. The film is Directed by George Cameron Romero, son of zombie horror icon, George Romero and is written by Oregon native Randall Jahnson. “Zombie Day Apocalypse” is described as a having a movie-in-a-movie plot. The unofficial synopsis is as follows:

An overbearing Hollywood director, played by Steven Prince (“Boyhood”), is trying to get the right shot for his zombie movie. One of his actors, fleeing the zombies, runs around the corner but trips and falls and is eaten by zombies.

Many zombie fans shuffled their way to the production site, many were drenched in food coloring, dyes and corn syrup, homemade concoctions to give the effect of blood. In addition to the creative gory makeup applications, the costumes participants wore were also unique. Everyone had portrayed their own individual take on the flesh craving zombie ghoul. Award winning makeup artists Jason Collins who worked on films “The Hunger Games”, “The Maze Runner” and “Firefly” was on hand to zombify actors during filming for “Zombie Day Apocalypse”.

Participants arrived early, patiently waiting in line since the early morning hours to be part of the production of “Zombie Day Apocalypse”. However, the inclusion of the zombie extras didn’t occur till the latter afternoon. For everyone involved it was worth the wait, everyone had a sense of accomplishment in being part of something they truly loved. Before the day drew to a close the scene to the film “Zombie Day Apocalypse” was complete and it was off to the next scene.     

Did The Portland film festival achieve their goal of setting a Guinness World Record event? Its remains uncertain but Executive Director Josh Leake

“We’re trying to set a world record….We have to have more than 656 people show up..”

“Zombie Day Apocalypse” is currently in production and more information will be provided as it develops. Stay tuned to Decaymag.com for more.




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