10 Scariest Monsters Announced For 2017 15 Sec. Horror


    10 Scariest Monsters

    10 Scariest Monsters Oir Selections for 2017 15 Seconds of Horror Film challenge

    15 Second Horror Film Challenge is a nonprofit international filmmaking contest which celebrity judges decide the top films and conventions screen our greatest hits. Judges’ votes roll in throughout November, into early December.


    We’re thrilled to serve as judges in the 2017 15 Seconds of Horror Film challenge. My colleague David Teixeira and I undertook the responsibility of electing ten (10) scariest monsters. Choosing the primary seeds was not a straightforward task. Teixeira and I sifted through a roster of horror short films, each fifteen (15) in length. Each contestant was distinctive in visual style, delivery and Horror persona. To sum; our selection process was a back and forth discussion. The challenge was multi-faceted. We selected the primary seeds and also positioned our picks in successive order.

    Casual filmgoers may not be conscious on the science behind each movie monster be it a serial killer or The Boogeyman.The reveal is crucial! This was a factor we took into consideration. Congratulations are in order for each participant in the Top Scariest Monsters category. The production quality and creativity displayed shows we are in for some terrific concepts. The idea behind these fifteen (15) second Horror shorts were remarkable and original.

    Whether the production used the latest video camera, a mobile device or a Wacom tablet the word “aspiring” should not come before the word filmmaker. When placing the term “aspiring” uncertainty becomes fixed on creative endeavors, it is an inappropriate term. Believe as a filmmaker, an independent filmmaker that produces content through challenges and commitment. We here at DecayMag will keep our eyes open to upcoming material from each Top Scariest Monsters contestants.

    1st Night Patrol Directed by Erik Van Schoor

    2nd Knock Knock Knock Directed by Erik Van Schoor

    3rd Lust Night Directed by Vitaliy Oboldin

    4th He Lives in the Mirror Directed by Stephano Nefasto Cosimini

    5th Even After What Happened Directed by Viktor Rek

    6th The Mirror Directed by Dominar Films

    7th Deep Sleeper Directed by Ty Huffer

    8th Dinner for Two Directed by Stephanie Suarez

    9th Snorken Directed by David Saich

    10th Party Pooper Directed by Remus & KIki


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