Amy Hoff, Historian, Director Shares Her View on Horror Content

Amy Hoff, Women in Horror Month Spotlight 

In this week’s Women in Horror Month Spotlight Actress, Director, Writer Amy Hoff presents a glimpse on her contributions to the genre. Hoff has over ten years working in the performing arts. Her passion for acting started at age five (5) and this led her to establish her craft in writing at age seven (7).

In 2010, Hoff directed stage plays and broadened her credits into film production. According to IMDb Hoff directed six productions including a Horror web series titled Caledonia. To express a unique atmosphere in her creations Hoff infuses her deep-rooted philosophy in Scottish history and urban legends to which she is a folklorist specializing in monsters.

Samantha Kolesnik, Content Contributor, DecayMag composed the following Interview.

Ken Artuz Founder, DecayMag Amy Hoff Women in Horror Month

Samantha Kolesnik: Tell us about what you do in horror.

Amy Hoff: I created a horror/fantasy web series called Caledonia, filmed in Scotland and based on novels I wrote. I play the baobhan sith monster, Desdemona, in the show. I am also currently in post-production on my vampire film, Burns Night.

Samantha Kolesnik: What is the best part about creating art in the horror genre?

Amy Hoff: I think monsters are great! I am also an academic, a folklorist and historian specializing in monsters. I’m able to bring them to life through film. We have such a rich folkloric history to choose from, all over the world. I’m particularly fond of puppets and practical effects. Ghost and monster stories are my favorite, and I tend to prefer more thriller-style horror. Amy Hoff Women in Horror Month

Samantha Kolesnik: Someone comes up to you and says they’re about to make their first film ever. What would you tell them?

Amy Hoff: Get good sound. I can’t emphasize the importance of sound enough. There are plenty of other things you’ll learn along the way, but the sound has to be perfect. Apart from the general reasons, like hearing dialogue, sound is also one of the most effective tools in horror.

Samantha Kolesnik: What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your horror career?

Amy Hoff: Douchebags. Amy Hoff Women in Horror Month
Amy Hoff as Desdemona

Samantha Kolesnik: What are your horror plans for 2018?

Amy Hoff: This year, I’ll be filming two different features I wrote, Ghost Sickness and Pure Dead Brilliant. I’ll also be heading out to as many festivals as possible. And, of course, I’ll be appearing on a panel this weekend for Women in Horror Month Dublin!

Samantha Kolesnik: Name one or more other #womeninhorror who have inspired, helped, or motivated you along the way. Anecdotes welcome.

Amy Hoff: Kat Threlkeld (Seiren) is a buddy of mine, and we share the same love of monsters!


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