Angela J. Townsend, Discusses Her Novel; The Forlorned and Film Adaptation Angela Townsend
Angela J. Townsend

Angela J. Townsend is an American award-winning author. Her series of novels include the Angus MacBain Series, Amarok, River of Bones and Moonflower series.

In 2017 Townsend’s novel The Forlorned released as a feature adaptation.

Content Contributor David Teixeira composed the following questions for Townsend. The interview gains insight on Townsend’s venture into film and her career as an author

Andrew Wiest Directed The Forlorned. The film released on the 3rd of October 2017 and is available on Video on Demand platforms.

DecayMag: Can you talk to us about your background as a writer and how the story for The Forlorned came to life?

Angela Townsend: I have always loved writing. I started writing when I was very young. In the early 2000’s I stumbled across a story about American soldiers that had been buried on a remote island in Canada. It was my understanding that condos were going to be built over the top of them. I felt strongly that the bodies of those brave men should be repatriated back to the United States for a proper burial. I thought the book would bring attention and support in favor of bringing those men home to the United States.

DecayMag: The Forlorned has been adapted for a motion picture directed by Andrew Wiest. What were your thoughts on it being adapted as a film? Were you excited to be a part of it?

Angela Townsend: My business partner, Dale McGarvey and I were the executive producers of the film. We hired Andrew Wiest to be our director. We were confident that Andy would do the story justice. I was very excited to see it played out on screen. The story is much different than my book. I think this happens to many novels. Angela Townsend The Forlorned Director: Andrew Wiest
The Forlorned Film Still

DecayMag: I’m sure the experience of re-writing a story adapted from your own book must be challenging and very flattering as well. How did you become involved to co-write the script for your film The Forlorned ?

Angela Townsend: I wrote the script–which was a fun process for me. My script was then adapted and changed by Andrew Wiest and others. They had a budget and a deadline to meet and so they did what they felt was right for the project.  

DecayMag: How was working with Andrew Wiest during the writing process? Did you become a key element during the filming? If so, how was working with Wiest on set?

Angela Townsend: I felt very strongly that if I appeared on set it would make everyone nervous. I wanted Andy to have creative freedom and to be able to work without added pressure from me. I visited the set a few times and enjoyed watching everyone work.  

DecayMag: What are your thoughts about the film after watching it? How much input did you have on the post-production?

Angela Townsend: I was involved in the editing process –which was a fun experience for me. Andy and I spent many hours pouring over the footage. Although it was much different than my novel, I enjoyed the film. Angela Townsend The Forlorned Director: Andrew Wiest
The Forlorned Film Still

DecayMag: Would you be interested in working on a sequel?

Angela Townsend: I have a sequel written to the Forlorned entitled, The Forsaken. I would love to see it on the big screen someday.

DecayMag: Now that you’ve tried a new experience and wrote a script, would you see yourself working as a scriptwriter in the future?

Angela Townsend: Yes, for my own production Company, McGarvey and Townsend, Inc. I really enjoy the entire process from beginning to end.

DecayMag: What advice would you give to new young writers trying out on the business?

Angela Townsend: Never give up and try to surround yourself with people who believe in you. Its very important because of its a brutal business. You need the help, love, and support of others. I was very fortunate to have parents who believed and encouraged me along the way. They never wavered in their belief in me.

DecayMag: What are your inspirations as a book writer? Any favorite writers or genres?

Angela Townsend: I have so many. I love Jane Austen, CS Lewis, Tolkien, Dickens, The Brontë sisters, Washington Irving, James Herriot, J.K. Rowling and Susan Hill.

DecayMag: Can you tell us a bit about your plans and if you have new projects coming up?

Angela Townsend: I have many projects and offers right now. I am currently writing full time and mapping out the next three motion pictures we have lined up. I’m also trying very hard to get another novel off to my literary agent before the end of the month Angela Townsend The Forlorned Director: Andrew Wiest
The Forlorned Film Still



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