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Angela Pritchett is an Actress, Director, Writer. Pritchett also works extensively in practical effects and make-up design. Her Acting credits near forty (40) credits over an eight-year span. Pritchett has five (5) directorial credits and six (6) writing credits over the same time span. In addition to her acting career, Pritchett’s highlight in the Horror genre is her thirty (30) credits serving in the makeup department.

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The following interview was composed by Samantha Kolesnik, DecayMag Content Contributor

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Samantha Kolesnik: Tell us about what you do in horror.

Angela Pritchett: Hi! My name is Angela Pritchett, I am an actress, special fx makeup artist, director, and writer! I have worked on a number of horror films, feature and short, and have loved every minute of it! You can check out what on IMDB.

Samantha Kolesnik: What is the best part about creating art in the horror genre?

Angela Pritchett: I love scary movies, and scaring people. So no matter what I am doing when I am working in the horror genre, I try to make sure what I am doing, is portraying what the scene wants. If it is scary, then I do my best to show that in my acting. If there is a crazy makeup effect, I make sure that it is 100% amazing and on point. If I am writing and directing, I envision the story (to a point) in my head, all the way down to scenes and takes to try and get spooky feel that I would want for that.

“It’s all about setting the mood and making sure it is portrayed through you to the audience, no matter what seat you have in the creation of it.”

I also really love monsters and the mythology behind a lot of them, so it’s always fun creating or adding to a monsters mythos, if you are doing that type of film (and those who have seen my short films I have directed know I always have some type of weird creatures or dolls in them that has a world built around it.

Samantha Kolesnik: Someone comes up to you and says they’re about to make their first film ever. What would you tell them? Angela Pritchett

Angela Pritchett: Be organized and prepared for all that organization to fall apart, but still be crazy organized! I am good about working under pressure and keeping stuff together when it is trying to fall apart.

On my last short film I was wrangling actors and being their go to person, Making sure the monster and makeup were good to go for their big day on set, buying food for the cast and crew, and a ton of other stuff AND then my tire went flat the morning of our first shoot. So I spent my morning getting that fixed as well. Always expect the unexpected with open arms and don’t freak out!

“Have your lists of everything you need. Have your story boards and your shots, or your lines learned, and go out there and make that film as awesome as you possibly can!”

Samantha Kolesnik: What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your horror career?

Angela Pritchett: For acting, it has just been networking and finding people who will give you the opportunity to audition for their films. That always seems to be the biggest thing. Other than that just showing that women can make awesome and challenging films and getting them out there for people to see! I am a big fan of sending films I work on to ALL the film fests I can afford to send them to, so people see them. And people do see them! I have gotten messages from people I have never met, but am friends with on Facebook, saying they saw a film I did makeup on, or acted in, etc. and they really enjoyed it. So just put it out there for people to watch, and even if it feels like no one is, they are!

“Be proactive in your own career in film!”

Samantha Kolesnik: What are your horror plans for 2018? Angela Pritchett

Angela Pritchett: To make as many movies as I can. I love being on set, I love acting, doing makeup and directing and I love getting to make awesome art! So my goal is to just keep bugging people to let me audition and to give me a chance to help make their projects awesome!

I also plan to do some Horror theme-related music videos over on my Ukulele cover Youtube channel this year, I have done a few in the past, and plan to do more this year! 

Samantha Kolesnik: Name one or more other #womeninhorror who have inspired, helped, or motivated you along the way.

Angela Pritchett:  First up would have to be Devanny Pinn. She is on top of the producing and making movies, and has some really awesome projects under her belt and just keeps making more! I love reading about how boss she is being with producing films when she writes about it.

“There are so many amazing woman in horror at the moment. There are a few I really enjoy seeing what they do, and may regularly check their Facebooks to see what they are up to because they are so inspiring, and I love seeing all the awesome stuff they are doing!”

The Soska Sisters of course. These ladies are two of my all-time inspiration for film, they have made such an awesome name for themselves and they love comics (much like I do!) So I have enjoyed getting to see their films and read some of the comics they have helped out with as well.

And Lou Simon. This lady is amazing. She has directed some awesome horror features and keeps making them. She also seems like just an all-around good person, and that’s what I like to see in the people I admire and who have inspired me in this business. Also, it is awesome to see others making awesome films on the east coast!


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