Blackout Creators Josh Randall and Kristjan Thor Exclusive

Blackout, Immersive Experience Gets Documentary Rich Fox's "The Blackout Experiments"What is fear? The inquiry would be best addressed by trained psychologists. had an exclusive interview with Josh Randall and Kristjan Thor. The question; “What is fear?” served as the opener. The duo may not be experts in mental health but Randall and Thor are familiar with the art of evocating terror.

Both of these talented individuals have years of experience in theatrical arts. Josh Randall served as Creative Producer in Theater performances in New York City. Kristjan Thor offers a robust portfolio as a director to stage and screen. Together they have collaborated on various theatrical works. Yet, the duo would design a concept that would forever solidify their names in the Horror genre. Randall and Thor redefined the significance of fear through Horror and performance art.

On 2009, Randall and Thor created a visceral theatrical production. This thrilling experience transcended boundaries of typical Halloween entertainment norms. While haunted house attractions favor scares for group or family settings. Randall and Thor sought to offer a different experience within extremes of….

Blackout Rich Fox's "The Blackout Experiments"Blackout entered a New York City market dominated by stiff competitors. At the time, Blood Manor and Nightmare were two frequented attractions. Randall and Thor did not invest in elaborate set designs, effects, and actors. In fact, locations were secret non-descript store fronts. Patrons would sign waivers before becoming subjects of torture. Upon arrival stripped were personal securities. The price for entry aside from the fee is a preference for submission.

Patrons find themselves ushered within abysmal darkened corridors. They become subjected to application of physical and psychological assault. Many are the Horror films that portray such scenes of depravity. Patrons are now the target instead of serving as voyeurs to exploitative exhibitions.

Blackout promises an experience that mirrors real Horror. Ghouls and demons are absent from this scenario. Randall and Thor designed a platform that provides a controlled scenario. A participant will endure fears without succumbing as a real-life victim. The Ghoul in this production is man

Hired actors portray handlers and control the play. These individuals subject patrons to scenes based from a CIA black-ops interrogation camp. Participants have a safety word at hand. The verbal signals once employed ceases the scenario if the becomes too intense.

According to the description for the official Blackout website:

“The attraction is an immersive theater experience. “

Yet this doesn’t deter the many tours of criticism. Objection lies with the form of entertainment Blackout presents. The event is often described as sadistic in nature.

“I could bring you into a room and hold a gun to your head, sure. You’d be scared. But that’s easy, and it’s not fun for you, or for us.”

Jim Faro, Blood Manor

“I’m not entirely comfortable with the idea that simulated sexual assault and torture should be marketed as entertainment.”

XO Jane

Over the years Blackout grew in popularity. The concept moved from the bowels of New York City and found residence in Chicago and Los Angeles. Next month a found footage docu-style film will release in cinemas.

The Blackout Experiments Rich Fox's "The Blackout Experiments"Director Rich Fox documents the theme Blackout. The film delves into purported participants of this clandestine corruption of the senses. The creators of this macabre attraction made it clear they had nothing to do with the film. In fact, during our interview, we asked their reason why they weren’t in the film. Having seen The Blackout Experiments we were aware of their lack of on-screen presence.

In The Blackout Experiments, Randall and Thor are mere shadow agents. The duo spent the entirety of the film plotting behind the scenes under the cover of shadow. Voice over telephone calls is the only contribution offered by the Blackout co-creators. The film lacked Randall and Thor’s on-screen presence. A mysterious allure was the intention here. What’s a documentary without input from the themed source? Entertainment.

Stay tuned for our upcoming review on Rich Fox‘s The Blackout Experiments.


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