Blackout Experiments, Excursion to Fear

Blackout Experiments: Rich Fox’s Documentary, Rich Fox The Blackout Experiments

Director: Rich Fox

Release Date: July 22, 2016

Release Format: Theatrical

Horror Sub-Genre: Documentary, Horror

The Details Rich Fox The Blackout ExperimentsThe most extreme immersive horror experience in America is Blackout. Not for the faint of heart, it is a terrifying, psycho-sexual thrill ride designed to play on our deepest psychological fears.

Rich Fox’s innovative horror documentary follows a group of friends whose experience with Blackout becomes deeply personal, developing into an obsession that hijacks their lives and blurs the line between reality and paranoid fantasy.

Revealing an underbelly of private rituals and personal nightmares with footage that is 100% real, THE BLACKOUT EXPERIMENTS is the story of our obsession with the darkness inside us.

The Blackout Experience Rich Fox's The Blackout ExperimentsBlackout is an extreme victim horror experience that originated in New York and expanded to Los Angeles.

The creators, Josh Randall and Kristjan Thor, along with their staff (actors), takes victims on a personalized terrifying experience using extreme forces, that includes manhandling, suffocation, strangulation, and more. Combine these with sexual undertones, and you have tapped into the world of Blackout.

Before people can become “victims” of the Blackout Experience, there are a few housekeeping rules that they must abide by:

  • You must walk through alone.
  • You must be over 18.
  • Stay on the marked path at all times.
  • You will be prompted to do certain actions. Please do exactly as you’re told. This is for your safety.
  • There is absolutely no speaking allowed inside. You can, however, scream as loud as you’d like.
  • Do not ever touch the actors.
  • Do not ever touch the walls.
  • You must wear a protective mask and carry a flashlight at all times.

Before you arrive at Blackout, you are asked questions by the staff. These questions are personal, and some are health-related. Questions include full name, mailing address, weight and height, and physical and mental limitations.

When you arrive the day of your experience, you are asked another set of questions that can get very personal. These questions include darkest fears and past experiences. The way a victim responds to the questions determine how their individualized experience will go.

Every experience is different and tailored to each individual. It’s mainly fear-driven, and no two experiences are the same.

The Blackout Experiments 

“Who created Blackout? They must be sick fucks.”

Excerpt from The Blackout Experiments Rich Fox The Blackout ExperimentsThe Blackout Experiments is a documentary that follows a group of people who have endured the experience, some more than once.

These victims take you inside, not only the haunt itself, but their minds, as they come to terms to why they like the haunt so much, and what makes them want to endure the experience repeatedly. You see terrifying images and clips of what victims endure once inside of Blackout.

The creators of Blackout are said to be using “explorational, scientific, and psychological” torture tactics to deliver a deeply traumatic experience. They are accused of being “sadistic, abusive and violent”. The experience to some is said to be abusive, violent, and traumatizing. the real question is:

The real question is:

“Why do people do this?” Rich Fox The Blackout ExperimentsUpon the first view of the documentary, Blackout creators Kristjan Thor, and Josh Randall were, seemingly, not apart from the initial film footage. They worked primarily behind the scenes while the director, Rich Fox, documented events.

Their reasoning for not being part of the initial filming can be heard in the exclusive interview my colleague, Ken Artuz, conducted with them.

Luckily, some new footage has been released, featuring Kristjan Thor, and Josh Randall. Near the end of the film, Thor and Randall express their personal thoughts about the haunt.

The creators’ sole purpose for Blackout was for it to be an extreme haunt. Their sole purpose was for it to be controversial, and to test the limits, mentally, emotionally, and physically, of their intended audience.

Blackout’s intended audience, are the people who feel they want to push their bravery, courage, and limits past their boundaries. Initially, people who don’t favor this extreme method, will not favor the haunt itself.

There will always be people who positively view Blackout. There will always be people who negatively view it. In all fairness, the creators of the haunt are not forcing people to visit the haunt.

People endure the haunt because they initially want to; for whatever, their reasons may be. The haunt is definitely not for everyone, and the creators want to stress that no one is forced to do anything beyond their means.

The Victim Experience

“I am a part of Blackout. Blackout is a part of me.”

Excerpt from The Blackout Experiments

The victims that were chosen to participate in The Blackout Experiments, were real people, who have endured the haunt for themselves. When you hear their stories or their recollections of their experiences, you don’t know whether to feel depressed or to feel happy for them.

They relive out their experiences in full detail. They also take a trip down memory lane and reveal insight on their childhoods that, in a sense, sheds light on what motivates them to endure this extreme haunt, multiple times at that.

“I give myself to you.”

Excerpt from The Blackout Experiments Rich Fox The Blackout ExperimentsWhen a victim goes through Blackout, they are subjected to, basically anything and everything. Signing that waiver puts their lives in the hands of strangers, that they become very well acquainted with during their time inside of the haunt.

Victims explain to having different emotions that range from excitement and appreciation, to fear, trauma, and disorientation. They refer to the experience as “playing with fire”.

Some recollect experiencing temporary moments of anxiety, distraught nightmares, and the blurred reality that haunts them long after their experience of the haunt.

Despite these, seemingly, terrifying elements and experiences, victims are more than willing to endure the experience again. They refer to the creators and staff as:

“….masters of getting under your skin and playing with your head”.

They become victim to the entertainment atrocities of the staff, including extreme one-on-one contact, physical and mental exhaustion, and degradation. They are forced to strip off their clothing and continuing through the haunt in full nude, not to mention being exposed to nudity of the actors as well.

“It is what you are. It is what we all are.”

Excerpt From The Blackout Experiments

The victims of Blackout share a common ground. They are motivated by fear, vulnerability, and the desire to be accepted for who they are. Some would even go as far as possessing obsessive traits; a self-acquired love and fetish for the haunt.

For this reason, a secret group called The Survivors have been formed. It is a group of select members who have “survived” the haunt, and people can join the group by invitation only.

These are the people who have an addiction to the haunt; the ones that, despite their fear of it, cannot get enough of the thrill. They have formed a close family-like bond, where they can come together, talk, and feel understood and accepted.

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