The Blackout Experiments does a good job at giving its viewers an exclusive in-depth look at the most immersive horror experience in America. The participants (victims) do a great job at recollecting their experiences in Blackout and sharing an in-depth guide inside of the haunt and their personal lives.

I loved that The Blackout Experiments were shot documentary-style. It gives the film a genuine feel to it and adds to its authenticity.

The Blackout Experiments is terrifying. And, not in the jump out of your seat sense, but in the sense, where you (as the viewer) are taken into the darkest realm of confused consciousness. You are “living” the experience with the victims. Seeing and hearing what the participants endured is visually and mentally terrifying in its own right.


While The Blackout Experiments production crew chose real life participants for the documentary, the acting of the cast could have been more genuine. In some instances, the performances did not align with the story at that point in time. I have conflicted emotion.

The costumes of the actors in Blackout were very mediocre and quite comical. You either saw an actor in a snorkeling mask, or they were nude. As far as the costumes and creativity go, I’ve seen more terrifying, scare-worthy creations.

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