Brooklyn Ewing, Women in Horror Month Spotlight

Brooklyn Ewing is a horror director, make-up artist, photographer, and marketing maniac. She directed the horror feature, She Was So Pretty, and its immediate sequel, She Was So Pretty: Be Good for Goodness Sake. You can follow her photography at Dirt Candy Productions.

Samantha Kolesnik DecayMag Content Contributor Brooklyn Ewing

Samantha Kolesnik: What is the best part about creating art in the horror genre?

Brooklyn Ewing: Horror can be limitless. Audiences are looking for something different; something out there. It lets me be myself. Horror also offers a die-hard fandom who love hard if you work hard to make them killer movies.

Samantha Kolesnik: Someone comes up to you and says they’re about to make their first film ever. What would you tell them?

Brooklyn Ewing: No matter how hard you’ve prepared, be prepared to make a few changes. Be flexible. And make sure you feed everyone. Food is the key. Also, watch some movies that inspire you before you storyboard and shoot. Take notes. Don’t be afraid to learn. Honestly, do your research and be prepared to grow. The moment you think your work is perfect is the moment you’ve stopped growing, and that’s never good.

Samantha Kolesnik: What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your horror career?

Brooklyn Ewing: Showing the “boys club” that I can hang. I know that sounds like a typical answer, but as a woman I never felt like I was fighting for a space in life until I started in the creative realm. But there are a lot of people in the horror community that are helping bring female talent to the forefront, and I love them all. We are stepping out into the light, and it’s a hot fire. Brooklyn Ewing

Samantha Kolesnik: What are your horror plans for 2018?

Brooklyn Ewing: I will be shooting my first short film called NIGHT CLUB in April, and a top-secret horror project in September and October. You will be able to follow our convention and festival journeys by checking on Who knows what else we will be getting into!

Samantha Kolesnik: Name one or more other #womeninhorror who have inspired, helped, or motivated you along the way.

Brooklyn Ewing: There are a posse of women that I love currently making their way in the indie horror world. Heidi Moore is one of my favorite directors. She’s a kindred spirit. When I saw Moore’s Dolly Deadly, I knew instantly that I was excited to see her make more films. Her work is like John Waters meets Harmony Korine with a filthy horror edge. I’m hoping we eventually get to create something together someday.

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