Cleo Massey Recaps Cursed Role, Experience

Cleo Massey Exclusive Interview

Cursed is an upcoming Comedy, Horror YouTube series that parodies some of today’s notable Horror films such as The Conjuring, IT, The Nun, and Annabelle. Embedded below is the teaser pilot released on November 28th, 2018. Cursed focuses on the paranormal, paranormal investigation and comedic adventures of Isaac and his housemate Ned. The plot unfolds after Issac releases a curse on himself after fiddling with a Ouija Board one drunken night.

Cursed is created by Connor Fairclough and award-winning producer Tristan Barr. Actress Cleo Massey portrays the role of Emma. In our exclusive interview, Cleo Massey delves on her role, the supernatural and what audiences can expect in Cursed.

On DecayMag Horror Entertainment News Podcast S9 Ep 5 we issue our first impression on n Cursed. Check out our thoughts at the 02:29:00 mark

How does your character in Cursed evolve throughout the series?

I think Emma evolves in all the wrong ways! Emma isn’t quite happy within herself and because of this, she relies on others to make her happy or to ‘complete her.’ She often puts herself above others, including Isaac, despite the fact that she does have a soft spot for kind people who are confident within themselves. Emma wants someone to take care of her. She doesn’t like to waste time and becomes quite feisty when she’s fed up. Which is often.

In the behind-the-scenes video on the Cursed Facebook page, you mention that you like how brutal Emma is, but not how negative she is. How did you feel about your character’s personality, and demeanor to that of your own?

Yes! I admire Emma for being able to speak her mind and stand up for herself, however, what I don’t like about Emma as a character is how negative she is. Sounds kind of contradicting, I know. But, her negative attitude and cheeky lines are so much fun for me to play around with.

In terms of brutality, how do you envision your character being in the role of an antagonist?

I think being the only female, she holds a sort of power and can put the boys down with simply a nasty look or a sassy comment.

In IMDb, there is an image still of Emma and Isaac playing the Ouija Board. What are your thoughts and opinions on this scare tactic used in Cursed?

So that was a children’s Ouija board that the team got from Toys R Us, despite this fact, I was still soooo scared to even touch the thing! I have heard real horror stories about these boards and even though it was a children’s board and we were acting, I was still scared!

With the video “Film crew accidentally releases a demonic curse during production” in mind, can you elaborate on this behind-the-scenes experience?

This creepy experience allowed us as actors to truly understand how Isaac and the other characters who see Perry felt. Some spooky stuff happened that week.

Is this an elaborate hoax How are you coping today and how has your life been affected?

I take each day as it comes… it has been hard. I know it sounds selfish, but I’m glad it wasn’t just me on set who was affected.

If given the opportunity to offer future storyline concepts to the series, what concept would you present?

Hmmm, fun. Maybe that Ned, myself and Charles all acquire ghosts of our own. We then must all work together through the chaos of being surrounded by so many different ghosts with weird personalities trying to interfere with our lives.

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