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Colin Campbell Discusses The Sound of Fear

The Sound of Fear is an eight-minute Horror short film. The premise features a group of threatening figures in pursuit of a woman. The antagonizing force is a gang of drug-crazed addicts. Yet, the shining characteristic lies with the protagonist.

Actress Sandra Mae Frank portrays Ivy, a mild-mannered woman living in a soundless world. Ivy gets caught at the wrong place and the wrong time and thus trigger a chain of events that puts her life at risk. Frank is deaf. This realism offered in The Sound of Fear sets the film apart from other works of fiction. Colin Campbell Te Sound of Fear

The Sound of Fear captivated our attention. As a defining Horror news source, we extended our coverage on Campbell’s project. Aside from our film review, DecayMag sought to gain insights on plans on the full-length feature for The Sound of Fear.

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The Sound of Fear, the full feature version, lies in the pre-production stage. Funding is being sought to get the project off the ground. In our exclusive interview with        Colin Campbell discussed are several areas of the project.

Thank you Mr. Campbll for this interview opportunity. We appreciate your innovative vision of terror, a contribution to the genre

1. The Sound of Fear

DecayMag: The Sound of Fear is a short concept film to a full-length feature. On YouTube, it states that it’s an eight-minute sequence from a feature. Does the short show actual movie footage? Or will the final project be different?

Colin Campbell: We will reshoot the sequence.

“…In the feature script, the events are slightly different…”

For example, one of the killers has a gun which she stole from the sheriff she killed. For the short, I decided to simplify the sequence a little. Also, some of the dialogue between the woman and girl happens later in the feature, but I moved it earlier so that audiences could get a taste of their relationship.

DecayMag: Did you anticipate such a positive reaction from the masses towards The Sound of Fear?

Colin Campbell: I certainly hoped people would love the short! I have been thrilled with the positive responses and all the coverage we have been getting. It’s very gratifying to hear how much people enjoy it.

DecayMag: The main character is portrayed by Actress Sandra Mae Frank who is deaf. With sensitivity and political correctness at a high, Did you feel this element in a horror film could have been misconstrued by the film community?

Colin Campbell: Hopefully, the portrayal of the main character is sensitive and authentic.

“I think it’s important that American cinema reflects the diverse world we live in….”

Sandra is a very outspoken advocate for Deaf talent and the inclusion of Deaf actors in film and television. I know she and I are both excited at the prospect of bringing a feature which stars a Deaf actor to the big screen.

DecayMag: There are several films that remove vital sense from the protagonist thus making them a target for the antagonist(s). What is it about this theme that strikes a chord with audiences?

Colin Campbell: Anytime you have a protagonist in a state of jeopardy, it heightens the tension for an audience.

“…When the killer, or monster, has an advantage over your protagonist, I think it makes an audience root harder for that protagonist, and also increases their terror….”

A great recent example is in Don’t Breathe, when the light is turned out in the basement and the protagonists can’t rely on their sight in this unfamiliar place. The blind homeowner who is hunting them down has turned the tables on them because he knows his way around the basement, and now they are at a terrible disadvantage. It’s a terrifying scene.

2. The Horror Genre

DecayMag: The Horror genre is all about fear. It’s implemented in many different ways, and every director and filmmaker have their different takes on it. In your opinion, what is fear, and what evokes this emotion in your film?

Colin Campbell: Fear in a horror film is that delicious sense of terror and dread you feel when someone you care about is in terrible danger. I don’t know why that would be delicious… people are sick and twisted.

DecayMag: Do you believe new ideas are developing in today’s Horror industry?

Colin Campbell: Absolutely. I think some of the freshest horror films ever made are coming out these days. It Follows, Blue Ruin, Let the Right One in and Babadook are great examples of new, surprising horror films.

DecayMag: Is the Hollywood industry still a successful platform at projecting fear across audiences and fans?

Colin Campbell: I still get scared. I jump in my seat, I shout in surprise – I’m a sucker for scary films. I get a little bored of killers in creepy masks and slow found footage horror films, but there are always exceptions. Rec is an amazing found footage horror film.

DecayMag: In your opinion, what are the necessary ingredients for a successful Horror film?

Colin Campbell: Surprise, a three-dimensional protagonist that we care about, and a scary-ass villain.

3. Funding For The Sound of Fear

DecayMag: As far as funding The Sound of Fear, what channels do you plan on utilizing, if any?

Colin Campbell: My producer and I have got a detailed proposal and we hope to get it to potential equity investors, and medium-sized production companies that have produced films in the 750,000- 1 million dollar range.

DecayMag: At what stage do you find The Sound of Fear to be in the production process?

Colin Campbell: We’re looking for financing. We’ve already got a tremendous lead – Broadway star Sandra Mae Frank. And a great script.

DecayMag: What is your projection on filming and ultimately the target release date?

Colin Campbell: We’re hoping to shoot this summer with a release date in late 2017 or early 2018.

4. Social Networking

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