Comika Hartford, Provides Glimpse In Her Love of Horror

Comika Hartford is an actress, producer, and writer with over fourteen credits in film and television. Her multi-faceted career in the entertainment industry spans over seventeen years. In 2017, Hartford produced, wrote and performed in the thirteen-minute horror short film, Bango. In appreciation of Women in Horror Month, we’re fixing a spotlight on Hartford and her contribution to the genre. DecayMag Content Contributor, Samantha Kolesnik, composed the following interview.

Ken Artuz, DecayMag Founder Comika Hartford Women in Horror Month 2018

Samantha Kolesnik: Tell us about what you do in horror.

Comika Hartford: I’m a horror writer based in the San Francisco Bay area where I shot my horror web series, The Grey Area and Episode 1 of the series, Bango. I also write for an animated kids’ series currently in development called Rip Smart, so my browser history is quite interesting. #notaserialkiller #totallyinnocent

Samantha Kolesnik: What is the best part about creating art in the horror genre? Comika Hartford Women in Horror Month 2018

Comika Hartford: The best part of being a horror writer is convincing rational people that the impossible is in fact totally possible… and definitely coming to get them!

Samantha Kolesnik: Someone comes up to you and says they’re about to make their first film ever. What would you tell them?

Comika Hartford: Don’t overspend on equipment! Use the most appropriate elements for your project, not the newest and most expensive.

Samantha Kolesnik: What is the biggest challenge you’ve had to overcome in your horror career?

Comika Hartford: There were times I didn’t trust my own madness. Once I started trusting myself, I was better able to demand that of others on my projects and that’s when things got greenlit. Comika Hartford Women in Horror Month 2018

Samantha Kolesnik: What are your horror plans for 2018?

Comika Hartford: In 2018, The Grey Area will be out of post and in festivals, I’m looking forward to meeting a lot more cool horror people on the road. I also expect to pitch my other series, Hinterland Zoo, an anthology about a strange suburb in which every house is ‘the nightmare next door.’ Bango is the first episode in the anthology and is already on Amazon Prime.

Samantha Kolesnik: Name one or more other #womeninhorror who have inspired, helped, or motivated you along the way. Anecdotes welcome.

Comika Hartford: Octavia Butler is kickass! Her vision is epic! And if I’m honest I was definitely influenced by Ripley, Sigourney Weaver’s character in Alien. Hey, I know she’s fictional but she’s still inspiring af! Comika Hartford Women in Horror Month 2018


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