Dakota Bailey Exclusive Interview With My Master Satan Creator

DecayMag.com Dakota BaileyDakota Bailey’s new release; My Master Satan is available on DVD for $5.99 and on Amazon.com. On the 6th of June 2016, DecayMag.com published a review on the film. The link to that article can be accessed here: My Master Satan Film Review

Dakota Bailey is an aspiring visionary. The Denver, Colorado Native prefers to cater to the underground circuit over mainstream productions. Bailey’s filmography boasts four completed films over the span of two years. Bailey is also an accomplished actor and is set to star in Shane Ryan’s Faces of Snuff. 

Stacy Cox, Senior Correspondent for DecayMag.com conducted an online interview with Dakota Bailey. The session comes on the heels to the recent release: My  Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence. Bailey sheds light on his film, his career, and future endeavors

From everyone at DecayMag.com, we congratulate Mr. Bailey on your accomplishments in filmmaking. Thank you for taking the time for this interview. 

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DecayMag.com: There is a lot going on in My  Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled Violence drugs, violence, necrophilia, and a high emphasis on Satan. What motivated this plot and the focus on devilish behaviors?

Dakota Bailey: 

I don’t consider necrophilia to be a topic we cover in the film. But to answer the question if you look at my track record of my films, I’ve always made films about scumbags & low life’s. From my first short Scumbags: A Day in the Life of a Drug Dealer to my first full-length film My Master Satan. Drugs and violence go hand in hand with scumbags and lowlifes so that’s why it seems to be such a prevalent element in My Master Satan & the rest of my films.

The high emphasis on Satan is because with our film were trying to say that the main characters are the metaphorical representation of the Devil because of the heinous acts they commit.Thats why it says in the film “When Alister & Bubba tripped on acid and saw the Devil they saw a reflection of themselves and realized the only Devil is man himself.

DecayMag.com: My Master Satan has the trappings of an underground snuff film. Is this the intention you had when making the film?

Dakota Bailey: 

I did not intend for the film to be a found footage or snuff film. I was inspired by Black Devil Doll from Hell (a shot on VHS film) to shoot a film on VHS. The footage, however, got a little too degraded at some points, but I didn’t want to reshoot any scenes. I just wanted people to watch the film & say “this film feels like it was made in the late  80’s or early 90’s”. That’s also why there aren’t any scenes or many references to modern technology except for when the characters use a cellphone to take pictures while they are peeping.

DecayMag.com: The film is cult specific , and would, seemingly, have a distinct following. What audience would you say My Master Satan speaks to the most?

Dakota Bailey:

I keep getting surprised because some horror fans that are used to Hollywood mainstream horror films like it, but the people gravitate towards it the most are the people that like the VHS aspect/quality & people that like underground films.

DecayMag.com: You’ve mentioned that 80% of the film was shot on VHS. What is the reason you chose this method of filming in regards to industry standards?

Dakota Bailey:

I started making films as a child with just the basic equipment. Just a beat up, old camcorder. So as I progressed as a filmmaker I just stuck to the very basic equipment like I always did.I think of my filmmaking style as kind of primal I use a stripped down approach.

DecayMag.com: Considering your filmmaking techniques, do you favor old school techniques over new, more up-to-date techniques, that includes new technology and filters. What is your reason for this method?

Dakota Bailey:

I like the old school methods because it is what I grew up using and  I favor old school techniques.

DecayMag.com: My Master Satan is a sequel to your short Satan’s Coming For You, where we are first introduced to Allister and Bubba. Was this short more of an introductory experimental film? Was it a teaser for My Master Satan?

Dakota Bailey:DecayMag.com Dakota Bailey

Satan’s Coming for You was just supposed to be a short film on its own. It was not a teaser for anything to come. At the time I made it I had just got done and accomplished what I wanted to with my short film Scumbags, and I just wanted to make a horror short film. After Satan’s Coming for You was completed I had no intentions of doing anything else with it. But After Satan’s Coming for You was completed I had no intentions of doing anything else with it. But later on, I went back to it & though it would be cool to resurrect Alister and Bubba and make a full-length film about them and add some new characters and whatnot.

DecayMag.com: Question: In 2015, you also released Scumbags: A Day in the Life of a Drug Dealer, which looks to be your groundbreaking film in the business. Does this film have any correlation with “Satan’s Coming  For You” and “My Master Satan”? Or is it an own standalone film?

Dakota Bailey

Scumbags was actually completed in 2014 but we had the release/premiere of it at the Oriental Theater in Denver in January 2015. But no, it’s is not related in any way to My Master Satan or Satan’s Coming for You. It’s a story about my character Johnny & Marshall (Matt Marshall who plays Bubba) who are two childhood friends turned drug dealers. Marshall puts a hit on Johnny, but Johnny is one step ahead & murders Marshall and the hitman he sent after him. As a matter of fact, I am making a full-length film based off of it called American Scumbags.

Scumbags is not our best work or anything but I’m proud of it. As I mentioned prior it got to play at the Oriental Theater & a local TV channel in Denver played it for three months on their TV station. So it got us a lot of exposure and there is just something about it that people dig.

DecayMag.com  You have quite the presence in the underground scene. Do you have any future plans to expand your filmmaking business to become more mainstream?

Dakota Bailey:

Not really. I don’t care to become a mainstream filmmaker because I feel that as an underground filmmaker, I have more freedom & liberties than as opposed to what I would have if I was a mainstream filmmaker. My plan is just to keep doing my own thing and make movie after movie and stay underground and get better with each film and eventually become an underground film icon.

DecayMag.com: As of to date, your films have either been released on streaming platforms or straight to DVD. Are there any plans to have films released to film festivals or limited theatrical release?

DecayMag.com My Master Satan: 3 Tales of Drug Fueled ViolenceDakota Bailey:

The reason why is because of timing and schedule. So to elaborate, My Master Satan was completed but prominent film festivals already had their deadlines for submission. But before we released My Master Satan we took a 15 minute preview of it to three different open screen nights in Denver,  so we’ve played it before an audience before.
However, it will be playing at a heavy metal music/film festival called Black Mourning Light in Canada  In the future though I will be taking Film festivals more seriously.  And pretty soon, we will be having a showing of My Master Satan at a theater in Denver and there will be a couple filmmakers who will show their short films before ours-so it’s kind of our answer to a film festival.

DecayMag.com: You serve as Director, Producer, Writer, and Actor for all of your films. What challenges, if any, did your experience gain, taking on all of these responsibilities?

Dakota Bailey:

It’s challenging but I enjoy it. The biggest problem is that I don’t have a budget to work with.

DecayMag.com: With all of your films (thus far) in mind, you seem to favor films involving satanic, ritualistic behavior. Will this be your permanent area of expertise? Or do you have any plans to expand your horizons and experiment in other areas?

Dakota Bailey: 

It’s not going to be a permanent fixture in my films. It was just a prevalent theme in the Satan’s Coming for You short film & My Master Satan.

DecayMag.com: As of today, your primary filming location is Denver, Colorado. If given the resources, could you see you and your filming cast and crew traveling to other areas in the future?

Dakota Bailey:

Good question. I am very familiar with Denver so I know all the locations I like to shoot at and if another filmmaker came up to me and said “Dakota,  I need to go to a location that looks like this or whatever” then I can probably take them there or have a place in mind where they can shoot at. However, I would like to go to other cities and shoot like L.A. Or Chicago. But as of now, I do not have a budget for my films, so traveling to shoot in another city is out of the question.

DecayMag.com  Considering your filmography, you seem to have quite the interest and dedication in the filmmaking industry. Given the opportunity and resources, could you see yourself making this a full-time career and eventually taking on bigger business opportunities, propositions, and endeavors?

Dakota Bailey:

Yes. I do see myself becoming a full time filmmaker. I am very driven when it comes to what I do and I have never given up or got discouraged since I started filmmaking. I will keep making movies until I can’t make movies anymore.

I would like to start a distribution company and distribute films that are similar to mine, and just give other underground filmmakers a chance. But I don’t think that I will be starting a distribution company any time soon (maybe 10 years down the road ) because I need to focus on my films. I still have a lot left that I need to accomplish.


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